11-1-17 Wednesday

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It’s the first of the month, and you know what that means: time to turn the calendar page!

If you have a Love & Hisses calendar, you’ll see…

Charlotte, from the Carolinas kittens.

And on the Permanent Residents calendar, we have…

Turkey Archie.

Speaking of the calendars, the 2018 calendars will be available starting Monday. (They’d be available right now except I still haven’t completely chosen kitten pics for next year’s calendar. There are thousands of them!)


Mercury and the kittens came through their spays and neuters just fine. I got them home after dark and let them out – the kittens ran around like nothing had happened, and Mercury curled up and went to sleep. I peeked in on them several times, and by 8:00 everyone was conked out.


Mercury’s Missions are TWELVE WEEKS OLD!!! Want to see their progression pics? You know you do!

I shouldn’t be surprised at the big difference between the 8 and 12 week old pictures, but somehow I am.

Here they are, posing (kinda) for me.






I don’t have a current cuddle pile picture of Mercury and her kittens, but I do have one of the kittens. For comparison purposes, here they are at 6 days old:

And at 12 weeks old.

Here are some pictures of Mercury and her kittens.

“SIGH. Seriously?!”

Hanging out with Aurora, watching the other kittens play.

Stardust waits patiently for the milk bar to open.

Hubble and his Mama.

Mercury and most of them – I’m not sure where Stardust went to.


Ready to watch the kittens grow? Here you go!

Aurora. (YouTube link)

Hubble. (YouTube link)

Phoenix. (YouTube link)

Stardust. (YouTube link)

Telstar. (YouTube link)


Stefan and the Squeezy Eyes of Love.


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11-1-17 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. Love the growth progression videos. I’d love to have that for any kitten/cat I adopted! Amazing how FAST they develop.

  2. How cute would a flip book of their progression pics be! Especially as the eyes start to plink open.