11-2-17 Thursday

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When I let Mercury and the kittens out of their room a few days ago, we were all surprised to find that Stefan was snoozing on the end of Fred’s bed. I didn’t bother to get out my floof suit, but a couple of the kittens certainly did!

Doesn’t Stardust have the loveliest stripey floof suit?

And Hubble back there, with his tail as big as possible.

You’ll note that Stardust is mostly de-floofed as Hubble creeps closer.

Hubble looks at me and asks “HOW is this HAPPENING?!”

“Here,” said Stefan. “Smell my foot!”

Feeding kittens to Stefan.

“No thanks,” said Stefan with a gentle paw to the head. “I’m full!”

Mercury was off in the foster room, ignoring the floof-suit dramatics going on in the other room.

And Phoenix and Aurora crammed themselves atop the little cat tree for a nap.


Video! Mercury and the kittens playing with the feather teaser. They’re usually more energetic than this, but I’d been playing with them for about 5 minutes before it occurred to me to make a video. Next time I’ll start when they’re fresh!

YouTube link


Dennis thinks that kittens in floof suits are HILARIOUS.


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11-2-17 Thursday — 5 Comments

  1. Stefan has to be the most chill cat ever. He’s completely at ease with the little tweens invading his space.

    Look at the fangs on Uncle Dennis!

  2. I am surprised that Mercury is not skin and bones like most mama cats get. Or….did the camera just add 5 lbs to her?