11-23-20 Monday

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Back in early to mid summer, we had Bunny and her Fluffles as our fosters. Two of her fosters looked like this.

That is, of course, Benjamin Bunny on the left, and Honey Bunny on the right. SO CUTE.

They were adopted together, annnnnd here they are now!


Look how sleek!

Just so freakin’ CUTE.

RJ said: So they love each other. They will make this noise, like a chirp/meow noise, to call for each other. Benjamin loves his big brother old man house panther.

Both of them love to cuddle and absolutely love their little humans. So much so my 4 year old calls Honey her cat. But Benjamin is always wanting to get some cuddles and love.
Honey is super floofy, and her tail is huge. Benjamin is a little piggy. We have to watch all food around him, and is always willing to finish up for the other kitty’s if they leave some.

We are so thankful that we got the opportunity to adopt these two for our family. Thank you.

(Thank you so much, RJ!)


French Fry could see Khal out the window and was all “Who’s THAT?! ::heart eyes emoji::”

Most of the kittens avoid the vacuum cleaner by just keeping a distance. French Fry and Tater Tot, however, find a little hidey hole and cram themselves in there.

Hush Puppy and Pretzel ain’t skeered of no (turned off) vacuum cleaner.

Wild Bill in the sun.

Candy Apple needs a kiss (as does Buffalo Bill.)

Buffalo Bill looks like he’s having an existential crisis.

Annie Oakley sure does love that bed.


Jake has a Khal and a smug.


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