11-23-15 Monday

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Behold, I live! I am healing well and not having much pain – well, at the moment I’m not having pain. Last Thursday, like a dummy, I pulled open my closet door without thinking, and irritated my shoulder. A lazy weekend of not doing much at all helped, and today I’m pretty much pain-free as long as I don’t try to lift or pull anything. I don’t expect the healing to take much more than another couple of weeks, as long as I keep doing my physical therapy (which I am and will). I’ve been off the pain meds except at bedtime for about a week, and things are slowly going back to normal.


I’ve had a few inquiries on the topic, and yes – I am definitely sending out Christmas postcards again this year. I’ll start taking names and addresses on Friday!


Look who it is! It’s da Norbs!

(For the newer readers, Norbert/Norbie was an orphaned kitten who came to us the very night that Khaleesi was giving birth. She was puzzled by him, but ultimately accepted him and raised him as her own – you can read about that here. Norbie went to live with Kirsten in Chicago (yes, she drove all the way down here to get him!), and she updates us on him from time to time. You’ll note that he has grown to be one gorgeous boy!)

Just writing with some Norbie love and to wish you a good recuperation. Norbie decided he really likes basil.

What? I’m just smelling.

One day later, totally stripped. I would pick him up and he had pesto breath.

Assuming belly rub position.

“Pesto breath” made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the pictures and the good thoughts, Kirsten – give that boy a squeeze for us all!


The weather is turning colder, which means that Maxi wants to be in the garage. Specifically, upstairs in the garage. She’s got a pretty sweet deal, actually – the whole garage to herself, there’s food and water and a nice warm bed set up for her. She lays in her bed and dreams of being an only cat.

“That’s right, the garage allllll to myself! ::maniacal laughter::”

Have you ever seen a smugger cat?


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11-23-15 Monday — 28 Comments

  1. Oh my, “Pesto breath” made me laugh out loud, too! Thank you so much for the update. Norbert will always be near and dear to us!

    Glad to hear you are doing well. Take care of that shoulder!!

    Maxi has quite the nice little chair-bed there! 🙂

  2. Welcome back to bloglandia. Your exploits have been great even while going single-winged. Miss Max has the right idea – you should emulate her while healing. Your own warm and comfy chair with food and drink lovingly delivered. With visits by the beautiful Dennis for company.

  3. NORBIE!! He’s such a doll! That poor plant, lol… I had no idea cats like basil but, let’s be honest, “pesto breath” is 100 times better than… whatever you want to call canned catfood breath because “tuna breath” doesn’t quite sum up how foul it can be!

  4. Hmmm. I think that Maxi might be a tad bit cozier if there was a bed warmer plugged into the outlet right next to her chair and with the pad in her bed. Just saying.

    • I thought Fred’s office was over the garage?

      I bet Maxi would love hanging out with Fred in his warm office as his muse.

      • No, we talked about building him a space in the garage when he first started working from home, but the stairs in the garage are rather steep and scary, and also the garage has a big spider/asian lady beetles problem, so he stole my second foster room for his office. It’s located directly over the kitchen; he has a treadmill desk, and when I wake up in the morning I can hear him walking on it (some days, that’s how I know for sure that it’s a weekday!)

        Maxi has a self-warming pad under the top layer of bedding, and it keeps her pretty warm (and also, the sun hits the garage all day and keeps the upstairs of the garage pretty warm), so I think she’s okay. To be honest, I’d rather have her come inside the house to get warm, but she’s stubborn and independent and loathes the existence of other cats. 🙂

  5. Glad you are healing well. Thank you so much for prepping all those posts to run while you had a broken wing. That must have been a tremendous amount of work, just to keep us from going through withdrawal!

  6. Norbs is a GORGEOUS kitteh!!!! I love so much that you get updates from all these Forever Families. I always get all happy whenever you post the pics you receive from them.

    And “Pesto Breath” is the name of my new garage punk band, I’ve decided. 😉

  7. Welcome back! and big thanks to Kirsten for the Norbert update. How apropos that Norbert’s banner photo is on top. If you feel up to it, please spill more about your shoulder. I’m possibly looking at surgery to fix some rotator cuff issue after a fall on the ice last March.

    • I’ll save this question for Friday’s post – what sort of details are you looking for? What exactly the doctor did, or what the recovery was like, or something else entirely? I’m willing to share! 🙂

  8. Yay you are back!!! I’m glad the recovery is going well, except for those pesky closet doors. 😉

    NORBIE!!!!!! Gosh I love seeing that boy! And Pesto Breath is the best nickname, though I’ve never had the cats bother my plant (though the cilantro is another thing).

  9. Thanks for the update Robyn. Glad you are back and healing nicely!
    Thanks Kirsten for the update as well. Norbie is as gorgeous as ever.

  10. Norbie. What a babe.

    Thanks for the update! Norbie’s got a bit of a basil issue but hey, we all have our vices.

    Robyn, give yourself time and keep doing your PT. It makes a real difference, believe me.

  11. Dear Norbie! My old boy B was what you call a tuxie, but being an English gentle-tom he called himself a dinner jacket cat. I just re-read Norb’s adoption (by Khaleesi) story; one of my favourite posts; do you think any of them ever wondered where he came from? The family non-resemblance was a bit unmissable! Also Corbie and his box 2011…dear Corbie. And finally (you’re a cat slave, of course you’re used to being last!) welcome back Robyn!!

  12. Norbie may have the cutest toes ever — along with, clearly, the most cosmopolitan, gourmet breath going. And Maxi’s chairman of the board chair is awesome! V glad to hear that your shoulder’s doing so well, Robyn.

  13. Norbie! Don’t tell anyone, he’s one of my very favorite Crooked Acres Kittens ever and pesto breath makes him that much more adorable!

    And that Maxi has it pretty good, with a big chair all her own!

  14. Ha. Pesto breath. I about snorted my dinner, reading this after a late arrival and a long day. Glad he’s doing well!

    And I can think of far worse trouble for him to be getting into. I’m still teaching Kira to stay off the stove! That one’s middle NAME is trouble.

    Glad to hear that you’re doing much better, Robyn!

  15. Welcome back,Robyn! Keep on keeping on with the PT. It’s truly a drag, but so important to your recovery.

    NORBS! How wonderful to see his handsomeness again! Pesto-breath: too funny! Thanks, Kirsten for this treat.

    Maxi is in her rightful place in the executive chair – she’s in charge!

  16. I’m happy you’re doing well – keep up the PT *cracking whip* it might suck but it’s worth it – and what a handsome man Norbie has grown into! He has good taste, pesto is awesome.

    My Zelda demands belly pets on a daily basis. I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve it, and from the way she chews me out, I don’t know if she does either…