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Are the Weeds “sisters from other mothers”, or are they all from the same litter?

They’re all from the same litter – their mother is white with one blue eye and one green eye!

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How big are the Weeds now, I think my Oreo is about the same size so I was just curious.

I weighed them last night. Thistle and Dandelion both weighed 4 pounds 1 1/2 ounces, and Purslane weighed 4 pounds 2 ounces. In other words – they’re half (or less!) the size of the ‘Maters & Kohle!

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Are [the ‘Maters and Kohle] still running from the road sounds?

Only when a very loud vehicle goes by, and even then they just run in and then immediately come back out.

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Confession… I have to fight the urge to speak in a Southern accent, even though I have never lived anywhere near the South. I just love the accent so much!

I think Southern accents are very charming!

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The comment in your extravaganza about naming a litter after Steel Magnolias gave me an idea for one. Name them after elements on the periodic table. You could have Neon, Hydrogen, Copernicium, etc.

That’s an awfully cute idea!

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Wait, is that picture of Cruella before or after?

This is Cruella before:

And Cruella after:

The difference isn’t obvious – even though I felt like I cut a million feathers from around her eyes – but she can definitely see better than before.

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Also — did the appraiser love the kittens as much as they loved him?

The appraiser thought those kittens were pretty darn cute. πŸ™‚

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I assumed that the dogs were kinda chubby and unfit from laying around and watching the chickies. Man,o man,Gracie proved me wrong!

Yeah, they’re definitely not chubby dogs. They lay around and nap all day long, but they’re fairly active at night, so they keep pretty fit!

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Do you have any variations on Magoo’s name? I ask because it is so easy twist that cute name around. My guy is Goo, Goo-Goo, Mr. Magoogoo, Goo-bear, Quincy (The cartoon character’s first name), Maglue (when he’s being clingy), Magut (he’s got a belly), I could go on and on!

Ha, Maglue! That’s excellent. I had taken to calling him Goo occasionally. Fred never referred to him by his REAL name of Magoo, usually called him Tony Rocky Horror, which he shortened to ToRoHo (his celebrity nickname, of course), and I sometimes called him HoHo.

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Hummm…have you ever thought about adding a turkey to the flock? πŸ˜‰

We had 6 turkeys back in… I think 2007 or 2008. (Okay, a quick look at Flickr tells me it was 2009.) And this is what I discovered: God created chickens, and then He tilted his head to the side and considered. He said to Himself “I wonder if it’s possible to create a bird that is EVEN DUMBER than a chicken?” And lo, He discovered that it WAS possible. Those turkeys were flat-out the STUPIDEST creatures ever put on this planet. When they got big enough to get over the fence, they’d come up to the house, and I would look out the side door to see them on the side stoop, glaring in at me.



I’d have to go out and herd them back to the back forty, and the PROCESS was ever so fun. It stunned me every single day, how stupid those turkeys were. Just plain dumb.

Here’s some video proof of what we had to do, multiple times a day (WARNING: Bad language. But MAN did those birds make me MAD) :

YouTube link

Those turkeys went to freezer camp the day after Thanksgiving that year because Fred looked out to see one of the males stomping up the driveway toward the road, trying to challenge the cars that were going by. I was concerned that someone would end up running a turkey over (and then sue us for pain and emotional suffering), so even though we were planning to wait another couple of months, we decided that it was their time. It took Fred so long to pluck those things (we have a plucker, so he wasn’t doing it by hand) that he swore we’d never have turkeys again.

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Sungold is such a pretty boy.

“We need more TOYS in here!”

Note the defensive paw in place, just in case Stripey feels the need to pounce.

Dingwall Scotty shows off his white locket, bikini top, and you can see a glimpse of his bikini bottoms.

I love the white whiskers on his chin!

Stripey shows off his own white locket.

I got a pack of holiday straws at the dollar store. They’re a harder plastic than your usual straw, so I’m hoping they hold up a bit longer. So far, the cats seem to like them.

Stripey shows how the regular straws do NOT hold up against the mighty chewing of strong, sharp teeth.

Kohle shows off his own white bikini. His is more of a string bikini, though.

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“Is my nose dirty again?!” Indeed it is, Dandiepants. If you weren’t always sticking it where it doesn’t belong…

“I don’t appreciate that, lady.”

Bath time for Purslane and Thistle.

Check out the length of that tongue!

I love it when they fall asleep with their tongues sticking out.

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Corbie loves this basket so so so much.


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11-23-12 — 33 Comments

  1. Aww I want little Purslane shes a cutie tortie!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Maybe little Dandelion too – Both cuties!

  2. I played the kitten crying video and of course my cat jumped up on my lap and was trying to push her head under my laptop looking for a baby. She’s a good mommy. Also loved the turkey video..I guess you think they are dumb but I was impressed they followed you out to the back.

  3. Perhaps Purslane and Thistle needed to invite their sister to the bathing session?

    My favorite moment of the turkey video? “Will you quit sniffing my butt?” I, personally, am amazed at how sweet and sing-songy you were with the blanketty-blank turkeys. Found myself thinking that you were much nicer to them than I would have been, but then I remembered that I can self-censor on video too πŸ˜‰ And then I practically fell off the sofa during your last line.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  4. I want a card and will send an addy. But I have a question I know old man Spanky doesn’t eat enough. My old man Lucky (15) has developed kidney stones and won’t eat. Anything. He was eating and I was using tuna water and clam on warm stinky can food and he ate it. Now he has stopped. Any ideas? He won’t way tuna, turkey, creak milk, treats, kibble, junk food canned kitten food. He has renal issues and stones and we have been at the vet four times this week.

    • I think you’ve probably tried everything I would have suggested, Gail, even though you didn’t mention Gerber chicken baby food you’ve probably tried it? I know that with Spanky, sometimes we’ll offer him food and he won’t touch it, and the next time we offer it, he eats it all. I’d just suggest you keep on offering him stuff in hopes that it’ll be the right food at the right time.

      Did the vet have any suggestions?

      • You didn’t mention whether Lucky is on a prescription diet but assume he is. Poor appetite is common in these cats. Sometimes a medication for nausea is required.

        You might also try “tempting” him with a senior feline variety food. While not the same as a renal diet food, senior diet food has some similar qualities. It is important for your cat to eat something!

        One of my cats has to eat a specific brand food due to intolerance of a couple common food additives. I tempt her with a little “human” chicken, tuna, or salmon in the morning. She’ll usually eat some of her canned food later in the day.

  5. That turkey video was great! Thanks for answering about how big the Weeds are. They are indeed about what I estimate my Oreo to be. She has about a week till the vet visit-I’ll let you know πŸ™‚

  6. Goodness gracious thanks so much for the turkey video!! I’m going to laugh about that one all day!!

    The vid made me remember the turkeys my aunt and Grandma raised. You can’t have any corners in turkey brooder houses because turkey chicks would pile up in a corner and smother each other. So, they both had nice round brooder houses for the turkey chicks… and pheasant chicks. Just so you know, pheasants are idiots, also. The difference is that pheasants are stupid but turkeys are stupid and aggressive!

    Now, don’t get me started on their Guinea Fowl! They’re smart for birds, but very aggressive!! They’d attack humans and wouldn’t give up even if you ran at them your arms outstretched and yelling!! That worked for aggressive geese, but not for Guinea Fowl.

    So, what I’m saying is that there are worse things than dumb turkeys… and DON’T even think about getting guinea fowl!

    Thanks for the laughs and the trip down memory lane.

    • Guineas are really loud, right? I think we were talking about getting some to protect the chickens, but decided that since they’re so loud (and, I hear, obnoxious) that we’d be better off with dogs!

  7. I think we should start a pool as to how long Dandelion will be at the adoption center. When I took our white foster kitten, he set the land speed record for adoptions at 5 hours from the time he got to the store to the time he got home. Of course, his record only held for about 4 months until the adult blue point himylayan beat Doc’s record by being adopted out in 3.5 hours. πŸ™‚ Personally, I would take Magoo in a heartbeat though…..

    • Clay and Roxie (albeit Siamese mixes, but Clay was only truly recognizable as white in the adoption center… we had to tell them he was flame point) were there for under 45 minutes before they both had adopters filling out paperwork. Dandy is going fast fast faster than fast.

      • Well, she’s going this week for her FIV test. If the SNAP test comes back positive, we’ll follow up with a Western Blot. If that comes back negative, then she’ll go to Petsmart; otherwise, I think the plan is for her to stay here until someone spots her on Petfinder (or in the book at Petsmart) and falls in lurrrve. She’s an awfully sweet girl, I just wish she could kick her lickin’ habit!

  8. Seems to me that maybe the turkeys not so dumb. They certainly knew how to get you to come out & play with them.

  9. I call my black cat’s white patch (which is almost between his back legs), his modesty patch!

    Some day when I win the lottery, I am going to buy a farm/house and have a black cat army!

  10. Yes, Sweet Maggie was a great mama – and Maggie fan that I am, I had to play the related videos that came up after that fabulous one of her looking for the TV kittens. On the one where her kittens are 11 days old, and you are putting them into their nest after presumably weighing them, in addition to kitten squawks there’s also a grumbly purr as each kitten comes back. Was that Maggie? (I will guess yes, as the only other possible option would be you! And you don’t make any funny noises, do you, Robyn?)

  11. Those kitten videos nearly drove my kitty Star crazy! lol! She went bananas searching for that kitten and cat!
    Have you ever had geese? Not only are they mean, they’re pretty stupid too.. We had two when we were kids (ok, apparently I had more than two, but I didn’t know it at the time, mine just kept saying small as my sisters grew.. none of the replacements were my fault though!) My sisters goose died chasing a truck like a dog, mine stuck her head through the fence, then stuck it back in through a different hole, then out again from yet another hole… too stupid to figure out how she got into that mess.. yes, she killed herself. Mean as it sounds, at least we got to use our yard again without being attacked!
    Dandelion gets more beautiful every day! Her eyes are so bright!

  12. Love the video of the turkeys! I kept thinking you should have called it “And that’s why we ate them”!

    I think the picture of Stripey and Kohle (?) at the cup looks like they are gossiping over a latte! πŸ™‚

  13. My cats ignored the kitten noises, but Bill’s name in a past life was apparently Turkey, as every time you said “Turkey” or “Turk-turk” in the video, he headbutted the screen and talked back to you. So weird.

    I’ve had him since he was a little older than 8 weeks, and he was Annie in the rescue center until they discovered he was a male calico(-ish) and changed his name to Andy, so I really don’t think he’s ever been called Turkey in his life, but MAN he really was fascinated by that word.

    While I typed the above, he meandered out to the front of the house. As a test, I said in a loud but not particularly “calling” voice “I wonder where the turkeys are,” and sure enough in ~five seconds he came flying in yowling at me to see what I wanted. How bizarre!

    Anyway, I don’t know how I forgot about your turkey-having days, but while watching that video all I could think was: Scoop-Hands!!

  14. Sam is my destroyer of straws. The other day i got up in the morning and the straw i’d washed the night before and left in the cutlery holder was still there but the top had been given a good chewing over. At least the boy’s neat, yes? And he is quite partial to plastic spoons, too, particularly the little red ones from KFC. Don’t know why really…