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The kittens got home from their trip to the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic just fine, and as usual the girls were a little slower than usual and the boys didn’t seem to know they’d had anything done. Livia sniffed her babies all over, gave them all baths, and then forgot they’d ever been gone. The kittens are coming downstairs more and more during the day, and last night when we watched a movie Silvio, Carmela, and Paulie kept us company. Paulie even slept on top of the bookcase next to Tommy for a while.

Silvio’s teaching himself to dance.

“A-ONE and a-TWO and a-THREE…. I’m DANCING!”

Tony’s putting a little pizzazz into his dancing. He’s headed for Broadway with those moves!

This is top secret, but I have to tell you – Silvio and Tony are going to be the leads in the new Brady Bunch musical. Here, they’re practicing their moves for the “Hey you guys – ow, my nose!” scene.

It’s just dance dance dance around here!

Paulie performs that old dance move known as the “He shoots! He scores!”

Paulie wants to work on their waltz again, but Silvio is all “Do I have to TOUCH him?!”

Adriana’s back there yelling “You’re doin’ it WRONG!”

A disco move or two… These kittens certainly have some skills.

Sometimes they trip over each other. They’re not perfect, after all.

Melfi rehearses the big show finale, “Johnny Bravo (needs his own room and shouldn’t have to share the attic with his sister; Dad’s study will do nicely as a swingin’ bachelor pad).”

Carmela, there in the background, is cracking. Me. UP. She’s all “What is going ON over there?!”

“When it’s time to change, you’ve got to REARRANGE, who y’are into what you’re gonna be!” (Oh, please. Don’t even ACT like you don’t recognize that song, you fakers.)

Adriana does a round of “Marcia, Marcia, MARCIA!” (Her face is killing me. Crazy monkey.)

Oooh, it’s that perennial favorite “Mom always SAYS ‘Don’t play ball in the house’!”

(That happens to be Paulie’s favorite scene, as you can see.)

Tony takes time out from rehearsing to ride his invisible bicycle around the hallway.

One video today. I put the barrier up across the end of the hallway, and then started tossing toys down the hall for the kittens to chase/ play with. Of particular note: 15 seconds in, when I was tossing a ball and it bonked Melfi directly on top of her head. I swear it was an accident! I couldn’t have done that if I’d been trying to, because I’m not that coordinated (also, it was a ping pong ball and very light, so it didn’t hurt her, just startled her a bit.) 55 seconds in, Paulie goes skittering sideways out of view into the bathroom. And 1 minutes 17 seconds in, Adriana goes careening off of her mother. She’s a wild one, that girl.

YouTube link.


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11-23-13 — 14 Comments

  1. Are you kidding me this early in the morning?!! I laughed so hard when I read the “Hey you guys…ow, my nose” line under that picture! I’m still laughing as I write this. The guys are all “Dude, napping here. Keep it down…”.

    Now that is a musical I’d see.

  2. Your vid (hilarious, btw) supports the theory that cats have variable mass. They can be lithe and agile, as light as a feather, and then, when you have to move them against their will (yes, that is Mommy’s chair and I’m gonna sit in it) they weigh about 2000 lbs and can’t be budged OR they run around sounding like a herd of elephants. Amazing creatures!

  3. I would SO buy tickets to a musical with these little monkeys playing The Brady Bunch.

    They have enough kittens for the kids, even a cousin Oliver!

    Love the sideways skittle and jumping over mama. When did they start parkour? Or is that inherent in all kittens?

  4. Are you kidding me? Pretend I don’t know “When it’s time to change”? When my son’s voice was changing, I sang that song ALL.THE.TIME! The kids pretended they didn’t know ME, but they all knew we knew the song. 😉