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Silvio, mid-knead, while Stefan snoozes.

Silvio sound asleep, with his paws resting on Fred’s arm. Awww.

Gooood morning, and welcome to Kitten Yoga, with Carmela!

Livia, looking at something that also has Paulie Walnuts’ attention.

“Out my way, Mama!”

“I gots to get over there RIGHT NOW!”

That little Melfi girl always looks so AMUSED.

Too much helium for Adriana this morning. She’s floooooooating!

And down she goes.

Silvio’s whiskers, in the sun.

“I got your tail, Mister Wall Mouse!”

I have a video today for you, and it cracks me up every time I watch it. Silvio has gotten really good at stopping me from kissing him, and it drives me nuts, but that heartless little brat just doesn’t even care (I’m sorry that the first part of the video isn’t in focus, but you can see it well enough to figure out what’s going on!)

YouTube link.


It’s a Newtles in a box. A box of Newtles! What more could you ask for?


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11-25-13 — 28 Comments

  1. Oh Sylvio, you little stinker! That was hilarious. Denied! Guess all that “paws up y’all” practice is good training.

  2. What you need is a Max. She loves the kisses so much that she’ll lay on your lips for the non-stop kissing. She’ll also lay on your lips if you’re not interested in kissing her at the moment. We’re working on personal space.

    What more could I ask for? Seal that box up and send him to me! That’s what I could ask for… but I won’t because I have a feeling that Newtles would protest.

    • Haha! There’s a Mango who’s a well-known figure at my local Petsmart. He’s a rescued … I think he’s a macaw of some kind, big dreamsicle-colored. I know he’s in the parrot family someplace. (I don’t know from birds.) Anyway, his owner brings him in to the local Petsmart from time to time and he talks to the staff and the kids and the volunteers.

  3. Silvio’s video is hilarious. He seems to be saying “Don’t tell my secret. Don’t..D.on’t..Dooooon’t. Ah…

  4. Haha I love how you snuck one in from the side! Muahahaha – foster mama kisses WILL be given, brattypaws notwithstanding!