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We have a Flookdate!

(For those who don’t know what a Flookdate is, it’s an update on those sweet brothers Flynn (formerly Kohle) and Hook (formerly Puff), both of whom were our fosters, though at different times.)

This is one of my favorites.

This boy loves his bags. Just wait there’s more.

And this boy loves his boxes!

2nd cat in the bag picture.

And another.

One more.

Sweet boy!

Still BFFs.

Flynn and Hook are doing great! I went on vacation last week and had to board them for 10 days. I was so stressed that they would be stressed and hate me when they got home but they came home and acted like nothing had happened. They are both so laid back. I did hit the kitty jackpot! Hook has gotten so big. He is almost as big as Flynn now. I think he may eventually pass him in weight. Flynn is still long and lean. Hook may end up a little plumper. He is a bottomless pit and would eat all day if I kept feeding him. I can’t believe I’ve had Flynn almost a full year!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thank you so much for the update, Selena!


Paulie and Livia, keeping an eye on something (I’m sure I was waving a feather teaser over their heads.)

Adriana’s got places to GO.

Paulie was in a hurry, and Silvio was in the way.

Paulie didn’t have time to politely ask Silvio to move! He was late! (Apparently this is how Paulie gets around, jumping over whoever’s in the way – see yesterday’s post!)

And Silvio was like “What just happened here?”

Carmela wanted to know, “What just happened here?!”

Adriana on the Ham-Mick in the sun (I guess that’s where she was headed in that picture up there. When you need a sunny Ham-Mick nap, you need it NOW.)

Keeping an eye on the goings-on.

Livia, making sure that Meadow is clean.

Such a good mama!

Checkin’ the ears.

Cleanin’ the toes.

“Mama, I am clean! Stop!”

That smile on her little face kills me DEAD.

Now that her work is done, Livia takes a break. It’s a lot of work, keeping all those kittens clean!


Maxi, hanging out on the front porch. She’s such a sweet girl (as long as you’re not another cat, that is.)


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11-26-13 — 20 Comments

  1. Robyn, do you have room for two more Hammicks? Bogie and Bacall won’t use the two I bought. Since your blog adds so much fun to my day, I thought I’d send them (the Hammicks, not my cats!) to your house.

    • You could also donate them to your local shelter. They’d be especially appreciated if there’s a shelter that you can get to that’s in a more impoverished area. I drove into a neighboring state to a shelter there to donate some stuff my cats don’t use when I realized that our local shelter here was really well-supplied.

    • Natasha, thank you so much for the offer, but I don’t have the room for any more of them! I really like Charlene’s idea of donating them to a shelter, I bet they’d be very well used. 🙂

  2. Yay for Flookdates on rainy, cold days!! And is Hook getting darker as he gets older?

    Got my Etsy order yesterday. Seems it got delivered to a neighbor’s house, and they brought it back yesterday. They had opened it by accident before noting the address…good thing the invoice inside said “cat toys” or they would have probably wondered what the heck I was buying off the internet! 😉 Anyway, I pulled one out and it was a BIG HIT with Trixie!! She was throwing it so hard and flying after it, that I about took it away from her. I thought she was going to hurt herself hurdling into furniture! 🙂 I will definately be buying more of these!

    • It’s funny that you say that – I showed those pictures to Fred, and he said “I thought he was gray and white?” Maybe he is getting darker! (His half-stache still cracks me up!)

      I found Tommy actually sleeping on top of the rabbit fur toy. These toys have been a huge hit with everyone in the house!

  3. Flynn and Hook are so lucky, and so is there Mom!!!!

    I love those action shots of Adriana and Paulie. Only a kitten dives headfirst down a flight of stairs!!!

    Oh livia, you are such a good mama. I admit, I would dote on Meadow if I could too.

    • You couldn’t dote on Meadow – because I WOULD HAVE ALREADY STOLEN HER!!! She is such a pretty little thing! 🙂

  4. Must keep kittens clean for college interviews! Wouldn’t want them to get rejected and never leave home!

  5. Flookdate!! Gorgeous boys!

    I just woke up for no good reason at 3 am and have been soothing myself back to sleep with Soprano (kitten) videos. I love how they seem to jump everywhere instead of walking and how the primary mode of starting any sibling interaction is a bite on the butt. “Ohai!!!” ::CHOMP:: ::SPROINGGG!!!!!::