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Silvio, in the cat bed next to my monitor. He’s only walked across my keyboard twice! I don’t know what key it is that shuts all the programs I’ve got running, but he managed to hit it both times. Talented boy!

Carmela in the front room with her (for the moment) favorite toy.


“YOU ARE BEEEYOOOOTIFUL!” she said, licking her paw flirtatiously.


And then she found a Tickle Pickle and went off to play with it, and Corbie lost his chance.

Silvio found an Alice Mo and he said “HI MISS MO! YOU’RE PRETTY! YOU WANNA HISS AT ME AGAIN? GO AHEAD!”

Carmela found the step-shelves and thought they were interesting.

She especially liked being able to look down the hallway from a high point.

Paulie and Silvio figured out how to get on the top shelf of the bookcase (not the top of the bookcase, the top shelf – it’s a little more difficult to get there, so of course they’re all OVER it.) I’m trying to convince Fred that we need to replace those bookcases with ones that have doors on them. (Fred thinks it would be easier to just move the cat tree away from the bookcases, which, I’m not sure who he thinks asked HIM. Hmph.)

Paulie’s all “Come closer! I wants to smack you. You was supposed to convert those videocassettes to digital like 7 years ago, SLACKER.”

Pretty Carmela.

Paulie takes a moment to decide on his next move.


Stinkerbelle and her beloved Tommy. Fred made that set of stairs with the platform at top several years ago. Spot was getting old and we thought he’d like to have a place he could get to easily, where he could lay and look out the window. Someone kept peeing on the platform part, so I cleaned it up and moved it out to the garage and forgot about it. A couple of weeks ago I rediscovered it while I was cleaning out the garage, and decided to give it another try. There’s almost always someone in that bed – especially since I added a heated bed last week. It’s usually Corbie or Alice laying there, but Stinkerbelle occasionally hangs out there, too (obviously).

She is just SO pretty. They both are!


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11-27-13 — 28 Comments

  1. Oh, that Meadow! Such a flirt! Corbie did miss his chance (well, she really should be older, first).

    Stinker and Tommy would have had beautiful babies! It is good to see that girl down lower in the real world. πŸ™‚

    Kudos to Fred. Smart man that guy is!

  2. The picture of “Carmela found the step-shelves and thought they were interesting” is GREAT!!!

  3. Does Fred still call Maxi β€œMom Cullen”? What a happy kindle of kittens the Sopranos are. Kisses to them and the grown-up pussycats at Crooked Acres — and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  4. I can’t remember if it was posted before, but what is your best guess why Stinkerbelle loves Tommy but hisses and smacks at the other cats?

  5. I wish we could see Corbie’s face that matches his “What is this creature?” body language.
    Norbie loves a nice warm computer seat.

  6. I don’t think there is a button. I think computers are programmed to shut down if they detect a cat at the keyboard to prevent world domination..

    as for doors vs moving.. LOL!!

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Silvio’s toes in the first bookcase picture killed me dead (one gripping the cassettes, one the cat tree.

    It’s kinda freaking me out to see Stinkerbelle in places other than the top of the kitchen cabinets!

  9. I don’t know what key it is that shuts all the programs I’ve got running, but he managed to hit it both times. Talented boy!

    It’s the giant paws I tell ya.

    Oh Meadow, little innocent. Stay away from Mr. Corbie. He’ll break your heart and he’ll never be your boyfriend.