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There’s a sweet lab in Georgia who needs a home, and I think he’d make a fabulous Christmas present for your kids! Or your husband. Your mother?

Go check out this cutie pie!

(And spread the word!)

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Fred’s sister LOVES kittens, and when she was here for Thanksgiving, she asked if she could see ours. Fred told her of course she could, but held up one finger and said “BE WARNED: it reeks in that room because the kittens all have diarrhea and it is VERY LIKELY that they’ve got poop on them somewhere, as they are fond of pooping and then trekking through it.” She asked about the diarrhea, and he told her about their horrible coccidia. She waffled for a moment, and then decided to go see them. So she did, and then she came back downstairs and we were talking about them, and then she looked down at her jeans and realized she had a big ol’ poop smear on her leg, and went running off to the bathroom to wash it off. I’m glad we warned her!

(Note about the coccidia: I think we’ve had perhaps one bunch of foster kittens who did NOT have coccidia, giardia, or worms. All of the kittens we foster come to us with one or more of the three – and about half the time someone’s got the goopy eyes, too, while they’re at it – which means that I’ve probably cleaned up about 43 gallons of diarrhea thus far in my fostering career. It’s gross, it’s not fun – it’s the polar opposite of fun – but you learn to deal with it. I find that adding pumpkin and a sprinkle of powdered slippery elm bark to their canned food in the morning and evening eventually helps. If it gets to be too bad, I make a slippery elm “syrup” and dose them with it several times a day. I’m about to start doing that with these guys, I think.)

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Miss Jan and her great giant bat ears.

“Greg Brady does not like this collar, lady.”

Left to right: Bobby, Cindy, Peter, Greg. I LOVE that patch of brown tabby on Cindy’s side. It’s almost heart-shaped!

Five of the six. Marcia was off somewhere doing something.

Jan Brady, scratching. I LOVE her spots of brown tabby.

Cindy Brady, looking smug.

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I think Buster – all my Bookworms, really – has THE prettiest eyes.

Rhyme, disturbed.

Corbie, keeping an eye out.

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Elwood’s king of the mountain! Er. King of the trash can!


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11-26-10 — 7 Comments

  1. cute kittys! but in the Brady Bunch its odd to our ears that Marsha is spelt Marcia (MaCEEuh as we pronounce it)they are 2 different names!that always confused me….

  2. AWwww! The Bradys are just too cute!! I’m sorry they have diarrhea – oh dear! I hope it all clears up and that their new diet helps! Big hugs to them all – they are just adorable!

    Hello to the amazing and very handsome Bookworms and fabulous Elwood! Take care

  3. Awww. I lost a kitten to coccidia earlier this year… I wish I had known more about it so I could have done something to keep her from getting so dehydrated. I’ll have to look in to this slippery elm thing.

  4. Hey Ms Robyn,
    have you tried homeopathics? I have read very good reports of them. I vaccinate my boys homeopathically, only. Ask the health food shop or a homeopath for homeopathic ‘Coccidia’ or whatever else best matches all symptoms and the little ones should come good. which will be a relief to you! So cute and so smelly, whoever heard of such a thing!Jan…bat ears…snigger, snigger.. cute!

    • I was actually treating them with homeopathics – which I’ve had really good luck with in the past – but they were getting markedly worse. I took them to the vet on Saturday and found that they were absolutely loaded up with worms. ::SIGH::