11-26-08 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette.

Tommy is so rude. He goes into the kitten room, eats some of their food, digs through their toys, plays with some of their toys if he’s inclined to, and when they come over with the big hopeful eyes, wanting him to play with them, he gives them a dismissive look and ignores them as he ambles out of the room. Brat.

2008-11-26 (25)

2008-11-26 (24)

2008-11-26 (23)

2008-11-26 (22)
Such a lovebug. I love the way his whiskers are half black and half white.

2008-11-26 (21)
Lem in the sun. Fred has taken to calling him “Lemuel” and then laughing. I call him “Lemonhead” sometimes. He’s the sweetest thing – so adventurous, wants to be friends with all the big cats. Pardon me while I go squeeze him to death.


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