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I got an email from reader Robin the other day that cracked me up.

Read your blog every day . . . you make me howl!

But since I’ve been reading you blog we’ve added 3 cats ! Which takes us up to a grand total of 6! I know, I know . . . only half of what you have but dang!

So . . . . with that being said . . . last month we travelled to NC to watch our daughter ride. (she is in college and competes on the western team). I called her one last time to see if has remembered anything else she forgot and wants us to bring. After a couple minutes of chit chat, I ask the question and her response . . .two words . . . cat carrier. My thoughts . . . . F*CKME. I say nothing to her dad . . the less said the better. Cat carrier makes it to the truck and he says ” what’s that for?”, i say “what’s what for?”, he says “the cat carrier”, i say “what???” He’s not dumb, we’ve been doing this dance for 25 years and he knows. In one last feeble attempt he says “we’re not keeping it . . . . right?”, I say “right”. AHAHAHAHAHAHA

My plan was to have it vetted and hand it off to our friends a few farms down for their barn. It’s been six weeks and we are the proud owners of Dr. Perry Cox, TM (trouble maker) Light of my life, pain in my *ss, cock bird to our hen house! He’s not going anywhere, I’ve nursed him back to health and I think the boys like the extra testosterone (even though they won’t admit it) that is currently coursing through the sea of estrogen that is our house . . .

Below are a couple pictures of Dr. Cox . . . thought you might enjoy.

Dr. Cox reading the latest medical journal.

Dr. Cox “*ss detective ”

“this patient needs more milk”

Dr. Cox after a long night in the ER

no words necessary


Dr. Perry Cox, if the name doesn’t ring a bell, was the Scrubs character played by John C. McGinley. I loved that show – at least until the last couple of years, when the entire cast left.

Thanks for sharing, Robin!

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Lest you forget the beauty of young mister Corbie:

2011-11-25 (6)
(Ahem, Andrea, you’ll note that Corbie fits nicely in a medium flat-rate box. Which leads one to believe that Charlie would fit nicely and there would even be room for a tiny litter box and maybe some food! Just saying.)

2011-11-25 (7)

2011-11-25 (8)
Corbie senses a disturbance in the box-force.

2011-11-25 (9)
I don’t know what was going on over there, but it caught both their attention.

2011-11-25 (10)
Silly Corbs.


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11-25-11 — 6 Comments

    • He certainly is – He reminds me of one of our tabbies – Fluffy was much the same colour as Corbs different stripe pattern… He is such a handsome lil fella!

  1. Awww, Corbie. He’s so beautiful! I always love seeing pictures of kitties in boxes, but whenever I try to put one out for mine, they just try to rip it up instead of sitting cutely in it.