So I got up pretty early yesterday – Mister Boogers got into a slapfight with someone because he’s a JERK, and his annoying war cries woke me up before I had any desire to be awake. I had stuff to do, though, so I rolled out of bed and got to it. The foster kitten room hadn’t been vacuumed since I got them a week ago, so I had to get them put in the carriers and removed from the room. I did that – they didn’t want to go into the carriers, ’cause they’re no dummies – and then spent quite a while vacuuming. They’re less apt to race around the room than the previous litter of kittens, but they make more of a mess (track more litter) than the little ones did, too.

I got the room cleaned, put them back in there, and then went off to take my shower. Once I was showered and dressed, I got out the big pot of turkey broth I’d made the day before, and put it on to boil. I put the pressure cooker on to heat, and a pot of water to sterilize the jars, and then I proceeded to can turkey broth.


Fred was impressed with the way I used every single bit of that turkey left over from Thanksgiving. First, I boiled the turkey carcass, picked all the meat off the bones for turkey and rice casserole (I ended up with two small pans of turkey and rice casserole, and each small pan will probably last us for at least two meals, and a lunch or two for Fred), and then I threw the bones back into the pot to make turkey broth. Then I canned the turkey broth! Go, me! It was cloudy, and from what I’ve read online cloudy broth is less desirable than non-cloudy, but ask me if I care (I think you can guess whether I do or not). I suspect the cloudy broth will taste just fine.

Once the turkey broth was canned, I sat down and wrote my entry (which took far longer than it should have, for some reason. I was very distracted yesterday.), then Fred decided that it was time to let the foster kittens out to explore the house, so he opened the door and let them out, and it was all pretty low-key. There was plenty of hissing and plenty of plaintive meowing on Felicia’s part, but there were no big-time smackdowns, so I consider the experiment a success. We actually let them stay out all day, and they’d wander downstairs for short bursts of time before running back upstairs to hide, then come back down a while later, and so on.

They are seriously cute, those girls.

Punki checks out the view while Sugarbutt watches from the basket.

Punki checks out the Sugarbutt in the basket.


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