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I…just had to show you this XD listen to that purr

That is SO CUTE! I sure would like to see something like that going on around here. Not that I’m holding my breath (the cats can’t get where the chickens are, and the chickens avoid the cats on the occasion that they get out of the back forty), but I can dream, can’t I?


Robyn – saw this and thought of you….

I can’t imagine why! πŸ™‚


Um, how many pillows does Fred sleep with? πŸ˜€

Fred sleeps with a LOT of pillows! There are six on his bed, and I’m pretty sure he uses ’em all!


Um, so, Fred’s office isn’t cat free any more? Snort.

As long as the cats behave themselves, they’re allowed in his office. The other day, he had to shoo all the kittens out of his office because it was like, as he said, “A hurricane of a**holes.”


You know, Miss Carmela is the spitting image of her Mama.

She certainly is! I need to get a picture of the two of them, sitting side by side.


So I followed the “Good thing for him he’s so cute, I suppose” link for previous posts, and I have to say, I laughed my fool head off at “antics of one Sugar J. Buttocks”. Sugar J. Buttocks!!! πŸ™‚

For some reason, when I expand any of the cats’ names, I utilize “J.” as their middle initial. I don’t know why, and I don’t know what it stands for, but that’s the fallback (and also, Sugar J. Buttocks has outgrown his kittenish antics.)


Just went looking for mink tails/toys and found this on Etsy. She’ll even custom-make items on request!

That is so cool! She’s got toys made out of rabbit fur, also. I might have ordered a few things!


Is it me, or does it look like Paulie is really a white cat that someone swiped down the back with a big ol’ paintbrush full of marmalade colored paint?

That is a REALLY good description of how Paulie looks! I’ve thought that he looks like a white cat wearing an orange β€œhorse blanket” type of garment, but I like the swipe of paint description better.


I’d like to know how he made that. I have a window bed that keeps collapsing, and it’s too bad because it’s crazy popular.

I was going to do a quick and easy explanation of how Fred made the window bed, but when he started telling me about it, I found that it’s actually a little more complicated than I’d realized, so I’m going to promise that in one of next week’s posts, I’ll explain it with a closeup picture of the window bed so that it will hopefully make more sense. If I don’t get it posted next week, someone feel free to remind me!


I’ll be leaving here in a little while to pick up the Sopranos kittens at the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic. It was so quiet around here yesterday without them running around being their usual wild, snuggly selves. I had a ton of errands to run after I dropped them off, so I didn’t make it back home until almost noon. While I was gone, Fred opted to let Livia have access to the downstairs, and he took a picture of what she was doing at one point.

That’s Livia on the left, giving Alice Mo (on the right), the evil eye. She might have stalked Alice and Miz Poo and Jake a little, but Fred reported there were no fights, so that’s good. I did insist that she be put back upstairs for a couple of hours after I got home (she was starting to get growly), but then we let her back out again and she (mostly) behaved herself. Until she didn’t, so we put her back up. She seems okay with most of the cats except for Alice and Grandma Poo, I’m not sure what her issue is with them.

(And yes, that’s Hook – formerly Puff – on my monitor. This picture. I just love that picture so much!)

Bev – from the clinic – reported that the kittens were being very vocal and chatty, so I guess we can chalk that up to being a family trait, can’t we? They’re usually fairly quiet when they’re here (I mean, aside from the sound of their running feet).

Adriana and Sarah, singing a duet.

“I didn’t do it! Someone call my lawyer!”

So now the boys really will be…singing soprano. (Bah DUM bum!)(SO amused by myself.)

Speaking of the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic, they’re trying to get their transport program started! They need carriers and crates – go read more about what they need here, and you can see their Amazon wish list here. (I’ll be mentioning this again in the future, so get used to seeing it! πŸ™‚ )

Livia is just a bit too big for the empty shelf on the bookcase. Also, she’s big enough to confidently jump down to the floor from there, so no Glamour shots for her!

Carmela is just a little ‘nip fiend. She LOVES the catnip nanner.

Silvio wasted no time in claiming Fred’s chair as his own. Silly, smug little man (Silvio, that is. Not Fred. Ha!)

“I gots a feather teaser, lady. You go ‘way.”

“We havin’ a strategy meetin’, lady. Did I mention that you should go ‘way?”

Meadow in the plastic box…

And Paulie in the box. They like to hang out in that thing for some reason.

“HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” (When I typed that, I heard it in my mind like this, if you’re curious.)

Livia, having Deep Thoughts.

Tony bites on Silvio…

And Tony bites on Silvio.

Rough life, Paulie Walnuts. Rough, rough life.

Melfi’s keeping an eye on Tony. He’s prone to biting unexpectedly, and she doesn’t like that nonsense.


It’s da Corbs.



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11-22-13 — 36 Comments

  1. It seems to me that Livia doesn’t care for female cats… What do you think?

    The pic of Tony biting on Silvio…Silvio’s little mouth is killing me dead!!!

    The Whack-a-mole video….I wanted to grab that little calico and run away with her! Mercy!

    • It might be that she doesn’t care for other females – or it might be that she senses that neither Miz Poo nor Alice will fight back, whereas Tommy or Sugarbutt would get right up in her face if she tried anything with them. πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen any interactions at all between her and Kara.

  2. Just in case you’re curious, when I read β€œHELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” that video was exactly the way that I heard it too πŸ™‚

    And today’s link (Chuckles. PLEASE. Am I going to have to get you a valium? Calm DOWN.)?? I say those words all the time, but instead of an adorable Charlie Peppers I have an over-hyper, 9 year old chocolate labrador. His given name is Charlie, but I refer to him as Chuckles the Wonder Pooch (unless he’s being a pain, and then he is Charles like a kid who is in trouble and his mom uses his full name).

  3. “She seems okay with most of the cats except for Alice and Grandma Poo, I’m not sure what her issue is with them.”

    Having had calicos, I laughed at that. I’ve never known calicos to get along with other calicos (not that I’m pulling from a huge sample size). Mine would tolerate other cats but that was about it.

    • Come to think of it, my calico didn’t appreciate other cats breathing her air… She LOVED dogs, though.

      • Ha! I was just coming here to say that the issue with Livia, Alice and Ms. Poo is that they are all Calicos/Calico mixes. You know that old saying about two people not getting along because they are too much alike? Yep, it’s like that. We have a Calico, and she is definitely the dominant one–or tries to be, anyway. I don’t think we can ever get another Calico while she’s around! As my husband says, one Calico per household is enough! πŸ™‚

  4. I love that Seinfeld episode. And I love kittens. So it’s a good day for me, in spite of the fact that I’m home from work with a stomach bug.

  5. ANY picture of Livia is a glamour shot! She don’t need no stinkin’ bookcase.
    I am noticing here a decided dearth of pictures of a certain tortie kitten these days, so I am thrilled that the clinic took one of her in full voice!

    • Hmmm…I’ve been noticing that little Ms. Tortie hasn’t been featured in many pictures lately as well. Maybe she’s just too busy and quick and Robyn can’t get her to sit still long enough to take a picture?

  6. Aw!! My sweet boy Hook on the computer screen. He is sure not that little anymore. I need to send an update and some current pictures.

  7. Hmmm. Y’all, is it female cats that don’t get along with each other? πŸ™‚ Here in my House of Six, the four boys all get along just fine, but the two girls … HATE each other. One girl — Roo — tolerates the boys, but Stinkerbellie (who looks like Alice Mo), she hate everyone. Is it Diva Kitty Syndrome? πŸ™‚

    • I have found that male cats are generally more laidback and kind of stay to themselves more than female cats. The females are always a little busier and more sensitive to other cats. It may have something to do with that “mother instinct”, even if they’ve never had kittens and are spayed. They are just built to be more aware of their surroundings and see other cats as possible threats.

      • Oh…my male is Napolean… thinks he owns all of Europe! Ha. Sweet as he can be, but RULES! My two girls are the SWEETEST ever!!! Now, my RIP kitties, the boy laid back and my girl (calico) ruled with an iron paw!

      • I only have two cats, one male, Figaro, and one female, Holly. Holly isn’t a huge fan of Figaro and would much prefer to be the only cat in the house, but I’m pretty sure Figaro would love Holly if she would let him. I feel bad for him. He seems to really like other cats. He and my brother’s cat (also male) get along really well.

        • My boycat is like that with his sisters (well, his adopted sisters, they would have me tell you) too, and he would LOVE it if they would LOVE him like he LOVES them. Unfortunately Pandora will only deign to tolerate him, and while Zowie doesn’t mind playing chasing games or giving the occasional lick, she’s rarely likely to let him snuggle or even touch when laying near. But he keeps trying. It’s sweet. πŸ™‚

    • My Roo approves of your Roo’s name! My Roo sometimes approves of her little sister Max. But she prefers Uncle Simba. And she REALLY does not appreciate the fosters… of either gender.

  8. “…Sugar J. Buttocks… loves to lay on me… and then get so overwhelmed with love for me that he purrs and kneads and farts simultaneously.”

    Wow, glad to hear Suggie grew out of his more “loving” ways eventually! The mental image I got from that description had me giggling like a loon for quite a while, though.

  9. I’ve decided to call that surgery ‘making kittens adoptable’.. You are going to go in and have your surgery to make you adoptable kittens .. πŸ™‚ I really wish more people would stop talking about being neutered like it is a bad thing, because it just gives fuel to the people who are afraid to do it to their pets..

  10. I might or might not have done some Christmas shopping for the furbutts at that Etsy site…

    And I look forward to seeing more on that window shelf.