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Not much has changed with the others – Riley hates, Claudette tolerates. Norbs is definitely growing up- he’s solidly in the teenage phase in both size and bratty attitude.

Ugh… Must he touch me?

Showing off his bikini.

King of the castle.

I told Kirsten that I was just thinking of Norbie’s white bikini the other day (I know that sounds odd; I don’t remember what made me think of it!), I’m glad that he’ll always be properly attired for a swim.

Thanks for the update, Kirsten! I love seeing his sweet face again.

(For the newer readers, Norbie was adopted and raised by Khaleesi. He was one lucky boy, and he still is!)


Hey, Paulie.
After today, you’re going to have a new name!
“I am? What is it?”

We’re going to call you Paulie Ain’t Got No Walnuts.

“Ha ha haaaaaaaa!”

“Hee hee heeeeeeee!”


“Heheheheheheh ::GASP:: Hahahahahaaaaaa!”

“I don’t get it.”

After hearing the explanation, Paulie started searching for a place to hide.

Silvio’s pretty determined to take his mink tail to the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic today. I’m not sure what their policy is on mink tails in the clinic, though.

Pretty Meadow. She is one sweet girl.

“Hey you guys! We’re going on a FIELD TRIP! Woohoo!”

Please note that four of the five are looking in my general direction, but Tony’s all “Oooh, look at that shiny thing over THERE!”

Carmela and Tony, little posers.


So yes, the Sopranos kittens are off for their spaying and neutering in a little while. They’ll spend the night at the clinic (I’m sure Livia will enjoy the time off), and be home again almost 24 hours after I dropped them off. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for their last vaccinations next week, and they’ll be ready to go.

It sure is going to be quiet around here today!


Suggie LOVES his house in the back yard. He loves it even more on rainy days – it rained last weekend, and he stayed in that house, snoozing, all day long. I guess the sound of rain is soothing to cats, too.


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11-21-13 — 20 Comments

  1. ERMAHGERD! The Norbles is STILL the cutie-est patootie-est kitteh evarrr! Seeing him made my day today so thanks Kirsten & Robyn!

  2. So happy to see Norbs today! He reminds me of my Sammy who is about 2 1/2 now but is still a bratty teenager who is acting out a lot lately.

  3. How can anyone resist the Norb? Just incomprehensible. That little love designed by Ferrari and powered by the love of a thousand care bears. He’s just gorgeous still though, that hasn’t changed.

    You tricked me out, I thought Paulie was getting adopted hence the new name.

    Those itty bitty’s are so adorable, but we don’t need them reproducing endlessly. Good luck tomorrow little ones!!!

  4. So wonderful to see the updates on Norb – and ALL the kittehs! Hard to believe the Sopranos will be movin’ on. I shall miss them all – and ‘specially pine for little Tony.

  5. I love seeing updates on the fosters, especially the ones I wanted for my own (it’s only 1999 miles from my house to Madison, so maybe one of these kittehs can be mine?).

    Norbie is beeyooteeful!