11-27-20 Friday

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So 15 kittens wasn’t quite enough? 🙂

Listen, you. I wasn’t LOOKING for more kittens, they’re only here for a few days, and I was helping out a fellow foster mom. But also they are possibly THE EASIEST kittens ever. They eat, they potty, they get some cuddles, they check out the room, they get some more cuddles, and then they go back in their crate willingly (in fact, when Tan is done with the cuddles, he goes into the crate and looks meaningfully at his brother, like “Come on, it’s time to snuggle up and nap!”) Easy peasy!


Seventeen? That surpasses your Genpop record at Crooked Acres, right?

The highest we ever got permanent resident-wise was 14. The highest we ever got with number of fosters was… I have no clue. Less than 15, and certainly less than 17.


I thought in their individual adoption ad photos that it looked like several of these kittens have quite yellow or amber eyes. It seemed especially striking for some of the black kitties. Very beautiful. Am I right in thinking this? Good luck to all the adoptees in the works!

I need to get more pictures of them, close-up, but yes, there are some gorgeous eyes among this gorgeous bunch!


Khal looks fantastic as always. Is it just the light or has he always had a touch of the very sophisticated grey in his coat? Looks like he’s put on his Chieftain robes and is off to inspect his lands, he’s so regal!

He’s always had that grey undercoat, it just doesn’t always show up in pictures. Is he or is he not magnificent? (He IS.)


Have you ever noticed that Wild Bill, I think it is, has a little soul patch under his mouth? It’s very cute1! (I may have the wrong kitten now; of course I blanked on the name, and looking through three weeks of pictures didn’t help. Argh!)

You have the right kitten! Wild Bill’s soul patch is adorable.


Does Charlie like belly rubs? His belly is so inviting.

Charlie will allow belly rubs when he’s in the mood, which is not nearly often enough for me. But that he allows them at all is a definite plus!


Eclair proves once again that she loves that basket.

Annie Oakley deciding that laps aren’t a bad thing.

Snowcone melting in the sun.

There might have been a feather teaser up there, and Hush Puppy is talking to it.

His face is cracking me UP.

It’s a Buffalo Bill-Davy Crockett pie. My favorite!

Wild Bill takes a swipe.

Oh, that Annie Oakley. She’s a beauty!

Hush Puppy (in the basket), French Fry (in front of the basket) and Onion Ring, assisting with laundry.

Back: Pretzel, Funnel Cake and Snowcone. Front: Annie Oakley, Tater Tot and Davy Crockett. There might’ve been a feather teaser up there.

FYI, we have an application in on Snowcone and Candy Apple (yes, together; they can only be adopted together), so they’re considered adoption pending. Hopefully they’ll get to go home soon!

We’ve got more people coming today to meet kittens – so fingers crossed!


Orange is all “Look, lady, I gots a foot. Show the innernets!”

He’s got a big ol’ belly too!

This pretty clearly describes their personalities. Tan is the sit-and-watch guy and Orange is the zoom-zoom-zoom guy.

“Him is always on the go, lady.”


Oh, that Dewey. He is SUCH a pretty boy!


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