11-27-18 Tuesday

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Back in the summer of 2015, we had a litter of bottle babies (well, we had THREE of them, but this was the first of three litters). We called them the Squash Bugs (they were named after varieties of squash), and one of them was this little morsel right here.


And last summer, we had Mercury and her Missions, which included these two little muffins right here.


And Stardust.

As you probably recall, all three girls ended up as sisters, Ambercup is now Amber, and here they are now!

Phoenix, Stardust & Amber.

I guess the house was chilly.

Phoenix antics.

I asked Debra where Phoenix was headed in that last picture, and she said Nothing was up there, but at one time there was a feather teaser… there is no mantel… hardly anything for her to climb on, yet she can, anyway. Very talented!

I love those sweet girls!

(Thanks, Debra!)


PS: Amber wasn’t in this picture (if I recall correctly, she was in my lap being bottle fed while her siblings lost their little minds), but I have to share this picture because it just cracks me up so much.

Zucchini, Calabash and Pattypan.


“MINE.” Gauge is NOT sharing his ping pong ball.

Oh my lord, that little FACE. (LoJack)

The attitude is spreading. (Dynamo and LoJack)

Sleepy Tank and his little pink toebeans.

Oh, that Cruise is just the SWEETEST.

Pile o’ cute. (Solenoid, Tank and Fender, with LoJack in the front.)

Gauge and his gigantic ears.

Pulley has a think.

Cam also has a think.

Clutch has a smug.


Doesn’t Newt look verrry nervous in this picture? Like he KNOWS the sheriff is right over there, and he’s thinking “BE COOL. Be cool, man, and she’ll never guess you hijacked the catnip. I SAID BE COOL.”


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11-27-18 Tuesday — 11 Comments

  1. Lol Newties…

    Would you look at the whiskers on Cam! Just perfect, I love how the ones above her eyes spread out and frame her gorgeous face.

  2. Yay for updates! And clearly Phoenix is checking to make sure the fireplace is ready for Santa’s visit! 😀

      • All good today. I LOVE that turkey picture, and Charleston and Chesnee are so beautiful.

        Question though How could Lindsee NOT name that creature Moop? LOL!

  3. The jailed Squash Bugs picture is one of the best pictures of all time!

    Great update… love to see how the babies turn out.

    I think LoJack knows someone is stalking his tail.. very intently.

  4. Oh, that jailed Squash Bugs picture is way too much. Has to be one of the best photos you’ve taken.

  5. So love updates.

    However those poor babies obviously live in dire, wintery conditions. I bet it dips down to a frosty 74 degrees on the drafty, soft bed.