11-26-18 Monday

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Last summer, I’m sure you’ll recall, we fostered Nola and her Cajuns, including sisters Praline and Roux.

Those two sweet girls were adopted together… and here they are now!

Praline and Roux send hugs and naps your way! So thankful they are part of our family.

I love it! (Thanks, Catherine!)

As a reminder, you can see Praline and Roux’s brother and sister (Andre and Bella) over on Facebook! Nola certainly made some gorgeous kitties, didn’t she?


Someone asked in Friday’s comments when the Fleet will go up for adoption. They’re actually available now – except for Tank and LoJack, who are going to be neutered next Wednesday. The rest of them have been spayed and neutered, are up to date on their vaccinations, and are ready to go. They’ll eventually head off to Petsmart when there’s room for them, but I’d love to see at least some of them adopted straight from here.

Fender in the tub, with attitude.

Gauge, eyeballing that ceiling fan.

The Hot Cocoa Cafe from Target is holding up very well against the daily onslaught. I had to put the “drive thru” back on at one point and somehow they knocked the scratcher top onto the floor once, but other than that, it’s good and solid. Two thumbs up!

Tank and Solenoid, mid-tussle.

Cruise, checking out the furniture.

“LADY. Give us the feather teaser already!” (Axle & Solenoid)

LoJack, hanging out in the tub. As you do.

Pulley, checking out the view from the bathroom window.

Solenoid’s favorite place to hang out in the bathroom. I call it her Observation Deck.

Tank takes a bath in the bathtub because he likes to be proper.

Gauge, showing off the belly.

“GIMME that camera, lady, I needs to take a selfie!” (Gauge)

Nap time!


Looks like Khal’s been dusting under the couch again. Isn’t he magnificent?


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11-26-18 Monday — 6 Comments

  1. I love how there is a drain inspection going on in the background of the “LoJack, hanging out in the tub” picture.

    I hope Khal Drogo has been gracing you (his Weird Lady) with his presence more often in the evenings instead of Fred because that is one handsome cat, and what an honour that would be!

  2. Love the updates on those gorgeous girls. Thank you Catherine!

    Love that pic of Cruise w her white gloves inspecting the furniture.

  3. Khal is earning his keep! Never ceases to amaze me how former strays blossom with your care! Lucky cats and kittens!

  4. I hereby rename Khal, Khal-the-Magnificent! That is indeed one handsome boy! Fred can sure pick ’em!
    That tub is getting a lot of use from these kittens!