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You guys will not even believe all the updates on former fosters I’ve got for today. Sit back and relax and enjoy these sweet faces before all the holiday craziness begins!


Sherman (formerly Trader Joe.)

Lilly said:

Official Sherman update ๐Ÿ™‚

The first couple days all he wanted to do was play and eat. On Wednesday he must have decided that I’m officially his new mom because he started initiating cuddles! He likes to cuddle up close to my face where he can rub his cheeks on my glasses and get his short, prickly whiskers in my nostrils ๐Ÿ™‚

He still has his own dedicated room where he goes while I’m at work at when I go to bed. He and Charlie are getting along. They chase each other around the house like their little butts are on fire! The girls, Pearl and May, are NOT fans. They let him frolick about and watch him from afar but if he even THINKS about getting close to them, they’ll hiss. He then races off like the smart boy that he is ๐Ÿ™‚

He’s Sherm or Shermie when he’s being a good boy and Shermonster when he’s being naughty! He is ALWAYS cute and funny and beautiful, though!

When he wants out of his room he can be very loud and sound VERY pitiful but his room is complete with toys, a heated bed, (more) toys, food, and water so he gets by ๐Ÿ™‚ plus of course, it is an entire bedroom that he’s in!

This past Saturday ( just a couple days ago) I thought how glad I was to be at home instead of driving to Alabama…but my little Sherm was well worth it ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for all you and Fred do, Robyn!! These kitties are SO lucky to cross your path!

I will certainly continue with the updates and the multitude of pictures but just wanted to let you know our first week went really well!

Thank you so much for the update and pictures, Lilly!

By the way, Lilly prefers to keep her Facebook friends list restricted to people she actually knows, BUT you can always follow her on Instagram at cheerflpessimst, and she promises that she’ll continue to post updates to the Love & Hisses Facebook page!


Von and Winn Dixie.

Cathy said: We are all getting along quite well after less than 24 hr of face time.

Look at how RELAXED those girls are, with their sweet little puppy brudder right there. They’re all “That’s an odd-looking cat, but we’re not judging!” Heh.

Thanks for the picture, Cathy! I’m so glad it’s going so well!


Bitsy Beans.

This is Bitsy Beans from almost two years ago (January 2013). She was our foster along with her brother Barney Beans and their adopted brother Baby Beans (read more about them here).

Christy said:

We adopted Bitsy Beans from you in February 2013 and Zeta (now named Lily) in July of 2013. They have been a joy to us and are very healthy and happy. Our 13 year old kitty died from kidney failure last February and these girls have helped heal our hearts. Both are very playful and keep me laughing.

Bitsy Beans.

Lily (formerly Zeta). She wasn’t my foster, but she was so adorable that I thought y’all might like to see her.

She is such a sweet cat. She is very vocal and loves to carry toys in her mouth and “talk” to them. :). Her absolutely favorite thing to carry around are Mr. Potato Head’s glasses.

I attached a picture of her doing a chair ambush. Walk past when she is doing this and you will get slapped. She never puts her claws out though.

Thanks for the update and pictures, Christy!



And last, but certainly not least, it’s he of the miles-long legs and the great big ears!

Have you ever seen a more content kitten? I just love seeing how happy he is! He’s been hard at work lately, training Teresa to pick up the pen he knocks to the floor. He reports that she’s a little slow, but she’s coming along. ๐Ÿ˜‰


“You just bring that feather teaser over here, lady.”

“That is not ‘over here’, lady. You not unnderstand English?”

Sweet, smooshable TC.

Little flirt.

Other little flirt.

Juuuuust out of reach.

“You comin’ over to pet me or what, lady?”

You know you want me to pet you, you little monkey, LET ME PET YOU.

Progress with Molly is slow, slow, slow. I decided to stop pursuing her and let her come to me. Yesterday, I was sitting on the floor of the foster room, with Jethro laying on his back in my lap, and she came over and sniffed my leg. So she’s curious, and she’s not terrified of me, and perhaps some day she’ll let me pet her instead of scuttling away. Though I should add that when they’re getting their twice-daily chicken baby food snacks, I put the plate right next to my leg and pet her while she’s eating. She tolerates it, but as soon as she’s done eating, off she goes.

Considering that they’ve only been here for a week as of today, I think we’re doing really good. We always have the option of moving her brothers to the bathroom for the day, to see if that friendlies her up (I’ve never had separating kittens NOT work to make a skittish kitten almost immediately friendly), but we’re not in any rush to do that just yet.


Sugarbutt and the Ears of Annoyance. “Stop bugging me, lady. Tryin’ to take a nap here!”


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  1. Hi Robyn. For the past two years, we’ve gotten calendars from you and loved them. This year, however, we’re going with a cockatiel themed calendar in honor of our dear departed Niobe. Anyway, I think a good calendar for 2016 would be an all Von Tussel calendar. I would definitely by one of those!

  2. Oh wow! I loved all the news! Great start to a Wednesday! Thanks to everyone who sent Robyn an update on “our” fosters, heehee! We really appreciate it!

  3. This is like old folks at home weekend! Thanks for all the updates folks! I love seeing the L&H alumni all happy and content.

  4. So wonderful to see updates, keep them coming !!!!! I won’t miss them so much this way. Thank you to all the new Mom’s !!!

    Little Miss Molly sure is playing hard to get !!! I have a sneaking suspicion that once she does come around there will never be enough cuddles for her !!!!

  5. Love the updates. Such sweet babies. My two furgirls were 6 week old feral babies when I got them. They hadn’t been socialized, so I set about giving them as much as I could. While neither of them will allow us to pick them up, the are delightful snugglers and conversationalists. BTW: they’re also half torties! It’ll be fun watching to see how long Miss Molly can hold out.

  6. Aw, Bitsy Beans! So cute to see all the updates! Shermie, lol… The Wonders are looking pretty comfortable, by the looks of it. Do they get along with one and other? (Oh oh oh! I just had a visual of Tommy and his mini-me TC!)

    *kisskiss* Sugarbutt