11-1-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

It’s laundry day and the kittens can’t WAIT to help!

Onion Ring’s exploring.

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It’s PLAY TIME. (And I promise you, Snowcone is not stuck in that scratcher. He’s just resting and being grumpy about having his tail played with.)

Calamity Jane is QUITE pleased with herself, it appears.

Good night innernets. (Tater Tot)

Would you care for a Buffalo Bill latte to start off your morning right?

That is a very full, very smug basket right there. (Davy Crockett, back. Snowcone, middle. And Eclair, front.)

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Can confirm: Buffalo Bill, Funnel Cake and Wild Bill are all happy boys.

While you’re admiring the kittens in this pic, please don’t miss Eclair’s delightfully spotted belly.

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Charlie is a happy muffin, yes he is.

Straight from the pumpkin patch. (Funnel Cake)

Playing peekaboo with French Fry.

Good night innernets. (Tater Tot)

In case you’re curious to see the tail situation (or the NON-tail situation) on these five kittens with little to no tail, here you go.⁠

Hush Puppy’s going as Chef Gordon Ramsay for Halloween. “SHUT. IT. DOWN!”

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Fritter’s pretty sure that if he digs at the glass enough, he can get to the other side.

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. Queen Candy Apple declares there’d better be LOTS of crunchy treats in her bucket when she’s through with trick or treating.

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Snowcone and Buffalo Bill FIGHT TO THE DEATH. Or until I intervene, whichever comes first.

Annie Oakley’s gonna be a princess for Halloween this year. That tiara suits her!

Nope, no kitten here!

Good night innernets. (Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley.)

Would you care for a strawberry Snowcone?

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Today’s purring soundtrack provided by… A bunch of kittens! Shocking, I know.

“Don’t make me get out my wand, lady.” (Tater Tot)

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3 minutes of crazy.

“Howdy.” (Calamity Jane opted to go as a cowgirl for Halloween. Too on the nose?)

I took this picture of French Fry and then I squooshed her.

Good night innernets. (Pretzel, Fritter, Hush Puppy, Davy Crockett, Tater Tot & French Fry.)

How about a middle of the night stroll down memory lane? Say hi to fosters #70-74: mama Kara, her daughters Inara, Kaylee and Zoe, and her son River. Kara was the very first pregnant cat we ever fostered, and she spoiled us rotten by giving birth 1 1/2 days after we brought her home. She was a wonderful mother to her kittens, and when they were gone, she was DONE. She wanted NOTHING to do with any other kittens for the rest of her life.⁠

I know this for certain because we ended up making Kara a permanent resident (she passed away in February at the age of nearly 13. She was our vigilant Sheriff Mama and we still miss her (though she would be horrified by the idea of our fostering 15 kittens.)⁠

River and Inara were adopted together – River became Nate and Inara is Dora. River passed away a few years ago, but Dora is still around (and enjoying her life as an only cat.)⁠

Zoe and Kaylee were each adopted out separately from Petsmart – I hear that Kaylee is doing well, but haven’t heard anything from Zoe’s people.⁠

In this picture, the kittens were about 4 months old and still nursing at every opportunity.

And continuing along with the stroll down Memory Lane, say hi to fosters #75-78: tortie Claudette, orange tabby Lem, torbie Marion (back) and brown tabby Delmar. They were scaredy cats when we got them in October 2008, but by the time they left us three months later in January 2009, they were total lovebugs who would pile up into my lap for a snuggle at the slightest opportunity.⁠

Lem and Delmar were adopted together. Oddly I don’t have any notes on Claudette and Marion, but I assume they were adopted out separately.

Look at me!⁠
Look at me!⁠
Look at me NOW!⁠
It is fun to have fun⁠
But you have to know how! (Dr. Seuss, of course)⁠


Update! It’s Luna, formerly known as Winter! Nicole says: “Luna (aka Winter) woken up from her nap. So sorry your majesty! She’s absolutely a princess you guys! Very prissy and very much mommas little girl🥰. She tells ME when it’s time for bed, too! Gives me a few little mews ready to be picked up and taken to her cozy place which is either next to my head/shoulder or down between my feet. I just love her so much!!!”⁠

Who’s surprised that she’s a princess? NOT ME! (Thanks, Nicole!)

Throw back Thursday: one of my favorite pictures of all time (I’m sure I’ve shared it before & I’ll share it again!) – from 2007, orange tabby Peyton in mid-leap and putting the ol’ chomperoo on his sister Jesikat.

“Howdy, ma’am.” (Buffalo Bill)

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Pretzel’s got a lot to say… and it’s usually “PET ME!”

It’s a Funnel Cake, fresh from the pumpkin patch.

Throw back Thursday AND Thlurrrpsday all in one: from 2008, foster kitten Lem shows off his fabulous form. Nice tongue curl, nice wink.

Charlie (formerly Aramis) continues to adore his pile o’ beds. (I put the pile at the end of my bed because I think he might be more attached to the beds than to me, and at least that way he’ll occasionally come over for a snuggle.)

We have a lights-on-no-one-home situation going on here with Snowcone.

With a room full of black cats, you knew someone was going to wear the cape for Halloween, right? I think it fits Onion Ring perfectly.

Davy Crockett doesn’t mind the bandana… he’s just not so sure about the hat.

“What do you want to wear for Halloween, Pretzel?”⁠
“A dress. A PRETTY dress!”⁠
Well, that was easy.

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Eclair and the best! toy! EVER.

I think they could fit one more kitten in there if they really wanted to. (Candy Apple, Snowcone, Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley.)

Good night innernets. (Eclair. She was OUT.)

With no tail to hold her back, French Fry’s gonna leap buildings in a single bound!

Wild Bill is NOT kidding around. (His serious little face KILLS me.)

Fritter looks like he just remembered he forgot to file a VERY important report.

Jake from 2013: what we have here is the elusive Loonicorn.

Little Stefan on the Prairie (from 2016). I sure do miss that boy.❤️

From 2017: Cat in the Hat Archie shows off his Resting Archie Face.

Jake’s all “But I don’t WANNA be a wizard!” (From 2017)

Hallo! It’s Alice de Frog!

Chicken Jake from 2010, when he was young and spry.

Finishing off the day of Halloween kitty pics with my very favorite: our sweet boy Dennis from 2016. He was the BEST, and I miss him every day. ❤️


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