11-1-19 Friday

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Please describe their eye color and personalitys. I am a little vision impaired during this illness and hospital stay.

I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly, Betty. For eye color, they’re all greenish-gold (Beauregard’s got the greenest eyes), and I’m going to be lazy and cut and paste their descriptions below. Feel better soon!

Sweet stripey brown tabby Beauregard is a super sweet and friendly boy who’s the first one to climb into your lap, purrs if you look at him sideways, and loves to snuggle up for a nap. He enjoys being kissed on top of his head (it makes him purr even harder) and being held on his back like a baby. He is a very playful boy, and if you toss a toy for him, he’ll run after it. He has a special fondness for springs, and will carry them around in his mouth and growl fiercely at any other cats who come too close to his “kill.” He loves a feather teaser, adores piling up with his brothers and sisters, and is just an all-around sweetheart.

Fleur is a sassy little gray tabby girl who is prone to floofing up and skittering sideways with very little provocation. Sometimes we think she might be seeing into another dimension, because she floofs her tail for no reason that we can tell. She’s a very friendly girl with a fast and easy purr, and she has a sweet, husky meow. She tolerates being kissed on top of her head and will let you flip her onto her back like she’s a baby and rub her tummy. She’ll only put up with being held for so long before she’s off to see what’s going on elsewhere. She doesn’t like to be alone, and if she finds herself without a human or kitten nearby, she starts calling out until someone responds to her. She’s very playful, and will take down a feather teaser like nobody’s business. She loves any toy with feathers attached (fair warning: she’ll un-attach those feathers pretty quickly) and will chase any toy you toss for her.

Sweet brown tabby girl Gabrielle is a chatterer. If you wave a feather teaser over her head, she chatters at it. If she sees a bird, she chatters. Toss a toy? Chatter. She’s even started occasionally chattering at us when we talk to her. She’s not much of a meower, but she’s got her chattering skills down pat. She’s a little weirded out when we kiss her on top of the head, but will tolerate being held on her back like a baby. Basically, she finds humans kind of weird and mysterious, but amusing. She loves all toys, especially those with feathers or bells attached, and if you toss a toy for her she’ll chase it while chattering.

Brown tabby boy Henri is the largest of his litter, which has earned him the nickname of “Chonks.” (Also “Chonk Chonkleton,” which is obviously the name he’ll use in his future career as a newscaster.) He’s a big, solid boy with lots of attitude, but he’s not so grown up that he’ll protest being kissed and hugged. He loves being held on his back like a baby, thinks kisses are weird but okay, and has an instant, quiet purr. He’s very energetic and will fly through the air for a feather teaser. If you get that feather teaser too close to him, better say goodbye to the feathers, because they are coming OFF. He doesn’t restrict his toy love to only feather toys, though – any toy you toss for him, he’ll chase and bat around. He loves to pile up with his brothers and sisters for nap time.

Tiny brown tabby girl Josephine is the quiet observer of her litter, and while she’ll stand back and watch what her siblings do before she joins in, when she does join in she’s ALL in. She’s tiny but fierce and doesn’t hesitate to show her bigger siblings who the boss is. She doesn’t mind being held on her back like a baby, or being kissed, but she much prefers it when you hold her up on your shoulder; she’ll melt into you and purr while you pet and kiss her. She’s very sweet, but we suspect she’s got an anonymous blog about us wherein she posts about the strange things we do. She loves toys, will grab at the feather teaser if you wave it near her, but REALLY likes springs, which she’ll steal from Beauregard when she’s feeling sassy.

Gray tabby boy Luc has the most skeptical expressions and looks like he doubts our good intentions, but all we have to do is pet him and he falls over on his back for a belly rub. (A real belly rub; it’s not a trap! Okay, it might be a trap, but he’ll let you rub his belly for a few minutes before the trap springs shut. He’s no dummy, he knows he’s got to lull you into complacency first.) He’s a super playful boy who loves feather teasers most of all (that’s a theme with this litter; they all love that feather teaser!), but will chase any toy you toss for him. He loves finding weird out-of-the-way places to curl up for naps, and will usually convince one or more of his siblings to join him.


Looking forward to the auction. Is there a set date yet?

Oh yes, there’s been a set date for months! It’s starting next Saturday November 9th at 9 am (central time), and continues through the following Saturday November 16th at 5 pm (central time.) There is SO MUCH cool stuff, y’all will not want to miss out. The auction page is here!


Ever had a litter that bounced off the walls like these kittens do? I think this is proof kittens are made of rubber.

Pretty much all of them bounce off the walls like that! Kittens are made of marshmallow fluff with a rubber shell.


Earlier this week I managed to get a great shot of the kittens all lined up (you may have seen it on social media yesterday.) First we got an okay shot…

The little smile on Gabrielle’s face is killing me.

Then we got a better shot…

But no one was looking at me or even in my general direction.


And then they all jumped down and ran off to play.

An outtake from pictures I posted earlier this week. In the picture I posted on social media, Gabrielle was talking. But this one is so cute with her earnest little face that I had to share it too.

Tossing toys for the kittens.

Henri waiting patiently.

I suppose now that Halloween is over, I should put the Halloween box away.

“But we’ve got lots more chewing to do, lady!”

Gabrielle in the basket with some toys.

A little attitude from Luc.

I love this picture because we’ve got Luc all “I’ve got it! I’ve got it!”, Henri’s amused “Yeah sure, you’ve got it” face, and JoJo on the right, all “He doesn’t got it. He never gets it.”

Snuggling with Beauregard. That boy always looks SO amused.

Henri has a skeptical.


Sheriff Mama at rest. (Fred made that blanket for me, but it was mid-summer and too warm for a blanket, so I put it on the back of the couch, and it appears I may have lost it.)


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  1. Awwww… how sweet to see the Sheriff at rest, it’s so rare!

    I love that Gabrielle’s nickname is Gabby (so appropriate!). The faces she makes are too adorable and I hope she stays chatty. Talkative cats are awesome!

  2. Oh man, how funny are those photos of them lined up on the shelf! Clearly Gabrielle has been practicing her school picture smiles in front of the mirror.

  3. From 11/1/18: “…maybe this time next year I’ll be reporting that he [Khal Drogo] sleeps with me every night. We’ll see!”

    So… what’s the skinny?