11-3-19 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

We is having a lazy morning. (Left to right: Josephine, Fleur, Beauregard & Luc)⁠

Snuggly little muffins Beauregard & Fleur.⁠

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These guys are excellent nap time companions, if you were curious.

Say the word, I’ll tape that box closed and drop Josephine in the mail to you! (I am obviously kidding. But she IS available for adoption right now, and if you’re in the Huntsville, Alabama area or willing to travel here, you can inquire at info (at) ffhsv.org about her and/or her five siblings.)⁠

Good night innerents. (Gabrielle & Josephine)

Luc will leave paw prints on your heart forever, yes he will.

Time spent with Henri is never wasted.

Home is where the Beauregard is.

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Jump! Jump!

“TRYIN’ TO NAP HERE, LADY!” ⁠(Henri & Beauregard)

Good night innernets. (Luc)⁠

All you need is love and a chatty little Gabrielle (and perhaps some of her siblings?)

Fleur will have you at one quiet little meow – or if you wave the feather teaser for you, she might have a chatter or two.

Live. Love. Josephine. How can you resist those big beautiful eyes?

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Snuggly little muffins Beauregard and Josephine. Fleur shows up about halfway through to show her favorite position (curled up on my chest, as close to my face as she can get.) They are SO SWEET. I want to squoosh them ’til the marshmallow fluff oozes out their ears, but thus far I have resisted.⁠

Gabrielle and Beauregard are snoopervising as I click around the internet. Gabrielle’s pretty sure I should be petting her instead.⁠

Good night innernets. (Gabrielle & Beauregard)⁠

Henri on the Fancy Sofa, wondering where his people are. “Hurry UP, already!”

BOO! Fleur’s ready for Halloween.⁠

SMILE! Oh, that Gabrielle.

Has anyone mentioned that these kittens are all available for adoption? True story. ⁠ Left to right we have Fleur, Luc, Henri, Gabrielle, Josephine and Beauregard.⁠

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The kittens met a battery-powered roach cat toy, and were mostly mystified. Forward to about 20 seconds if you don’t have the whole minute to spare and want to see a kitten go briefly airborne. There are only five kittens checking out this toy because Gabrielle’s smart enough to stay in the hall and watch from a distance.

Good night innernets. (Luc)⁠

Are you a good witch or a bad witch, Gabrielle?⁠

Little punkin’ Fleur.⁠

Henri the strawberry.⁠

Chef Luc is planning a catnip pie for tonight’s dinner.⁠

“Rowr.” Josephine the dinosaur.⁠

Lil devil Beauregard.⁠

Rat-tinis are the official Love & Hisses Halloween cocktail.⁠

“Coooome to the darrrrrk side, humans. We have snackin’ time (and crunchies at bed time!)”⁠ A throw back to 2014 – our permanent resident Dennis (no longer with us) in one of my favorite Halloween pictures ever.

Sleepy little witch Fleur. (Good night, innernets.)⁠

Can I offer you a slice of Beauregard toast to start off your day? ⁠

Cuppa Fleur?⁠

Gabrielle wonders, “What doin’, weird lady?”

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Henri’s in a wrasslin’ mood.

Good night innernets. (Josephine)⁠

I truly can’t think of one single reason to get out of bed on this cold and lazy morning. (Please note that Josephine is staring at the phone because she’s lately become OBSESSED with the Loopy Case on my phone, and it’s her dearest desire to gnaw on the loop. I have no doubt that one day when I’m not paying attention, she’ll chew right on through it.)

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I toss toys for the kittens most mornings, and they’ve developed some awesome skills.⁠

Eyes on the feather teaser. (Gabrielle, Fleur & Luc)⁠

SMILE. (Gabrielle)

“We tryin’ to nap here, lady.” Luc, Beauregard and (barely visible) Henri.

Good night innernets. (Josephine)


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