11-20-20 Friday

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How much longer do you think you’ll be able to fit all 15 in the carrier? It must be getting pretty crowded these days.

They’re fairly squashed in there at this point, but they don’t seem to mind it – they really do settle in and snooze while I’m mopping. They only get howly when they see the signs that I’m about to let them out (the last thing I usually do before I zip the crate open is put down the rugs.) I think they’ll be fine for the rest of the time they’re with us (however long that turns out to be.)


With this many kittens, I wonder what type of shenanigans would occur if they were introduced to… the Tissue Pit! Saw it recently on Kitten Academy.

I’ve been following your blog for a long time, and was amused when I first started watching the Academy’s livestream that they have exactly the same fruit basket as you do (with spares!) and how much of a hit it is with smaller kittens.

How CUTE is that! And great minds think alike. 🙂


I’m glad to see Gabrielle and Josephine still sharing the sisterly love over on FB.

Not only do Gabrielle and Josephine still love each other, but Elfie (formerly Margeaux) and Neko (formerly Katriane) – who are on Instagram at Keeping Tabbies – are still BFFs. So I’m not saying that girl kitties don’t get along with other girl kitties – it’s just that the girl kitties we’ve had in the past have wanted nothing to do with each other, because that’s just how they were.


Things are quiet on the ham-mick front.

Eclair has a smug.

Look at the polite interest on Pretzel’s face. “Yes ma’am, can we help you?”

Tater Tot and Pretzel snuggle up for a nap.

French Fry in the Tiny Basket.

I love Onion Ring’s outstretched front paws.

“Lady, why you weird?” Snowcone wants to know.

Wild Bill in the Toastycat bed. That green crocheted thing on the floor? That’s the “piece of lettuce” I begged Fred to make. The kittens drag it out of the bed (there’s a “tomato slice” too) and all over the room. Wild Bill don’t need no dang veggies.

Calamity Jane’s little FACE. “You gonna do something about this, lady?”

Wild Bill actually fell asleep like this.


Newt from sometime in the summer when the catnip pot was happy (it’s looking a little bedraggled these days. AS ARE WE ALL.)


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