11-20-17 Monday

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Thank you all so much for your kind words about our loss of Dennis last week. We sure do miss that boy a lot, but are grateful for the time we got to have with him. I keep thinking I see him in his usual spots, and find it more comforting than distressing.


Do you remember this little face?

How about here:

That is Shecky, one of Lucy’s kittens from back in early 2015. Here are some more of my favorite pictures of him.

Shecky standing guard over Skelton.

Well, as I’m sure you’ve already figured out, I have a few current pictures of that silly boy, who is now Gir Shecky. John shared them on Facebook and I grabbed ’em to share with y’all.

(If you hold your phone just right it looks like he is walking on the wall…LOL!!!)

Like mother like son…

Thank you, John – and thanks for letting me share!


Stefan, that big ol’ teddy bear, seems to be taking over the chore of sleeping with me in the mornings (I’ve been waking up to find him sleeping where my legs usually are, and that I’m kind of contorted around him. I’m not sure how that happens, exactly, but it never wakes me up so I have no complaints.) I wonder if the cats drew straws to decide who’d take on the task of snuggling with me in the mornings – and whether Stefan drew the long straw or the short one.

So smug.

Snuggling with Fred during TV time.


Alice was feeling really good one day, rolling around on the rug by the door, doing her yoga stretches, so I made a video. She cracks me up, that girl.

YouTube link


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11-20-17 Monday — 15 Comments

  1. I think waking up with Stefan snuggling next to you would be a pretty awesome way to start the day. And Alice Mo rolling around like pool noodle, lol…

    I’m glad to read that you’re now taking comfort in the little things that remind you of Dennis. No cat had a happier life.

    I recognized Gir Shecky even before you gave away his name (is that…sad?…)! Who could forget his half plinked eyes, and that sweet widdle face.

  2. I think I’m sensing a pattern with your former fosters: They grow up to be whopping sized cats, healthy and laid-back! Gir Shecky is gorgeous. Always amazed at their growth and size as adults. πŸ™‚ Alice has that back leg yoga move down purrrfect!

  3. Gir Shecky looks great and well fed! I’m glad Stefan took one for the team to snuggle with Mom..

  4. I’m glad that Gir Shecky continues to thrive — as does happy Alice! When it comes to the Great Sleeping Companion Competition, I’ll bet that Stefan won a very closely run race! And it goes without saying that I’m pretty sure that everyone else would agree that we spent a lot of time last week thinking of you and Fred.

  5. I always love updates! Look at Gir Shecky all grown up!

    Aww Stefan… I, too, wake up in the morning all contorted, but from two cats on my legs. I swear one of these mornings I’m going to be frozen in a permanent pretzel position!! πŸ˜€

  6. I too have had a changing of the guard on the bed since our Charlotte left for the bridge. Now her place has been assumed by Pete. Pete and Charlotte were good buddies and now Pete is taking her place as my sleep protector. At least that is how I am writing the story.

  7. Robyn, this is a weird question– how wide is the baseboard/trim shown in the silly Alice video? I’m planning to replace the bedraggled baseboards in my house and I’m trying to get an idea of how different widths look. Thanks!

    • The board itself is 6 inches, and the cove at the top adds another inch, so it’s 7 inches from the floor to the top of the trim.

  8. Robyn, any tips for weaning other than putting wet food in the kitten’s mouth? My friend is fostering an 8 week old with the mom who still refuses to eat! She’s tried all different kinds of food, but he doesn’t get it.

    • Wow, 8 weeks old and refusing to eat? That mama kitty is awfully patient! πŸ™‚ The only thing I can think of other than putting the wet food in the kitten’s mouth (which is the way I’ve always done it) is to also leave a bowl of kibble in the room, if she’s not doing that already – I use RC Babycat, and have found that some kittens will discover the bowl and start eating kibble on their own even if they’re not interested in wet food. (I’ll share this question in Friday’s post, too, so if anyone has other suggestions, they can weigh in!)

    • someone on the board about orphaned kittens I manage, someone had a nine week old kitten finally wean. Every cat is different. i’m a fan of shoving food in their mouth to see what happens. most of the time they spit it out like you just stuck the most disgusting thing in there, but once they are ready it is like a little light bulb goes off over their heads and they start eating