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So, meet the new guy.

Don’t be fooled by that picture – it was taken less than 10 minutes after I got him home. Both Fred and I spent plenty of time with him yesterday and he’s skittish and scared, but not feral. Fred was holding him and had him purring in less than two hours.

The story with him is that he and his siblings, mother, and aunt showed up on someone’s patio. Given that the Grocers were going to be leaving me, I was willing to take them. Unfortunately, although he’d handled all of them, when the guy tried to catch the kittens, he was only able to get this little guy. The others – and the mother and aunt – ran off. This kitten went home with Winnie (the guy caught him last Thursday, so I didn’t have the foster room free for him yet) and stayed with her ’til yesterday.

Winnie and Kathie tried to trap the remaining kittens and the adults, but didn’t have any luck. After that, the mother moved the kittens. After I picked this kitten up from Winnie yesterday, Winnie told me she was going to head out and see if she could find the other kittens. A couple of hours later, the phone rang. She’d caught two more kittens! I went immediately to get them from her.

Black and white tuxie boy.

And a wee gorgeous girl.

These two are really really scared, but I think they’ll be okay. We’ll give them all the time and attention they need – Fred always loves the scaredy cats, because he considers them a challenge. They stayed hidden under the cat tree for a couple of hours, but then in the evening all three of them were running around the room checking out the litter boxes, the toys, the beds, and the cat trees.

They’re about 10 weeks old. We’ve already got names in mind, and I’ll announce them in tomorrow’s post!


Pictures from the shelter.

When I went to the shelter on Saturday to take Trader Joe (now Sherman) to meet his new Mama, I brought the camera with me so I could get pictures of Terry. I got pictures of some of the other cats in the cat room – I think I need to go back on a sunny day, and take the good flash with me.

There’s that silly, sweet Terry.

That boy is a TALKER. There’s a screened-in porch off the cat room, and if Terry’s out there and sees a person, he talks to them. Silly boy.

He was super duper relaxed in the cat room, and he gets along great with other cats. The only time I heard him hiss is when someone else started it.

I kept kissing him, because he is one SWEET boy.

Why so stressed, Terry?

This is Neveah. She’s a really, really sweet girl who just sat there and purred and purred. She LOVES to be petted.

Mollie. She reminds me of Kara – she has that serious, stern little face, but is a total lovebug.

I believe this is Addison. He likes to sit on the top of one of the cat trees and stare at you until you get on over there and pet him. SO sweet.

Creed. He was one of my fosters, FYI. He is ALL about getting attention from people – loves to be petted and snuggled, but not super crazy about other cats. Which isn’t to say that he couldn’t get along with another cat, just that he’s more interested in people.

Ruffles! So stressed.

Handsome Jack. I think the camera was making him a little nervous, ’cause he wouldn’t come closer to me.


Sweet, gorgeous Marco.


Did you forget how gorgeous Corbie is? SO gorgeous.


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11-20-14 — 23 Comments

  1. Besides Mama and Auntie, how many other kittens are left? And are they going to continue to try to trap them?

    Such sweet babies!

      • I was trying to add up kittens, too, but realized we never had a total kitten headcount to begin with. I hope you have all of them though (and that mama and auntie get caught and either fostered or TNR’d). Can’t wait for the newbies to realize they have landed in Kitteh Wonderland and turn into little lovebugs!!

        Oh I forgot about Creed! He was a foster before I started reading L&H, but I think I recall when you said he was returned. Gosh I have a soft spot for those tuxies with striped nosies…

  2. Look at all those lovely babies, that need homes, at the shelter!!! Sending them hugs, kisses and prayers that they get a loving family before Thanksgiving!!!!

    Look, a baby Poo!!!!

    Yes, Corbie is still GORGEOUS! “Mirror mirror on the wall…”

  3. THE NEW BABIES ARE GORGEOUS! I’m already madly in love with the tortie. I don’t know why I have such a fondness for them but it’s magnetic! Fred will work his magic and I’m sure they’ll all come around. How could they not, with you guys spending so much time with them and giving them so much love & making them feel safe!

    Those shelter kitties are sweeeeet. (Neveah and Mollie triggered my Snorgle Instinct, btw.) Some of the names are adorable (I’m looking specifically at “Ruffles” lol). I hope their people all come for them soon!

  4. Terry is one VERY handsome mancat. Love the diamonds on his face!!

    Those newbies are in good hands. Hopefully they can catch the others and get them spayed. We bet these three come around in no time.

  5. My fondness of torties already has me in love with that little tortie girl. And Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards) is my favorite cat at the shelter. Beautiful, sweet girl with the prettiest eyes.

  6. Aww, lucky babies! It’s getting cold out there.

    Cats who are scared of DSLR cameras might be scared of the shutter. Some of the noise is mechanical and cannot be silenced, but some of the newer models do have an option for a quiet shutter. I use it during weddings and with kittens, although high speed continuous doesn’t have that option on mine. I don’t know what model you use, but you might look.

  7. I’d have to kiss that star on Terry’s forehead, ALOT.

    I’m wracking my brains but I don’t remember Creed. I do remember you mentioning Neveah before. What a sweetie. Same thing with Marco, I remember that gorgeous coat and bright eyes. I’d be face down in Ruffles tummy, I bet it’s really soft and warm.

    I hate to see these loves just languishing but they seem to be doing ok. They’re obviously being well-cared for while waiting for their forever homes.

  8. Oh sweet Corbie you make my heart flutter !!!!!

    Squee !!!!! new kittens !!! I knew you had some kittens hidden up your sleeve !!! You knew we couldn’t go very long without them.

    I love when you post pictures of the shelter cats. They are all so gorgeous!! I wish I lived close by so I could visit with them. I am in desperate need of some kitten therapy !!!

  9. How are Terry’s eyes? Is he able to open them all the way? In the pictures, they look like they’re squinted or almost closed. Was the surgery successful enough that he can open his eyes wide?

  10. A tortie and a tuxie! That’s what I have at my house!

    Sweet Terry – I hope he find a home soon….

  11. Please don’t point the skimmer finger at me, but I didn’t remember that Creed was returned. Does anyone want to update me, or do I have to search for it myself? Sigh…

  12. So happy these babies are in your capable hands, Robyn. They have no idea how their lives have just completely turned around.

    Gotta share this with everyone: radiator cat bed – http://www.awesomeinventions.com/shop/radiator-cat-bed/
    Isn’t it brilliant?? Of course, our radiators here in the U.S. aren’t made like this, and anyway, not that many people probably even have radiators at home anymore…

  13. Ok, Creed of the Workers Creed. I vaguely remember that exclamation mark down his nose and that skinny white chest.

    Now he’s a full grown gentleman but he’s still go thtat great tuxie chest, perfect for a lipstick stain, and that white stripe.

  14. Well isn’t Molly a looker! 🙂

    If you haven’t invested in a bottle of “Safe Spaces” Spirit Essences, I recommend it..

  15. Yay! Terry looks great. Wish I was not so far away. Poor Creed. He was before I followed the blog, but I have read posts where you mentioned that litter.

  16. NEW KITTEHS! I know you guys will be able to work your foster magic on these skittish little ones and they’ll turn into great mushy lovebugs. Looking forward to seeing how these develop!

  17. Robyn you must share your pictures with whoever sets up the Petfinder site for Challengers House. Your pictures are so much better. I clicked on a couple and the Petfinder pics were all fuzzy and out of focus. Even though you said you needed better light, your photos would better help promote those older kitties. I would take Creed in a minute….if I lived in AL, that is! Thanks for this site – I enjoy it every morning with my coffee.