I left the house early on Friday so I could go to the shelter and pick up… our new fosters! See if you can guess which TV show our naming theme came from.

O’Malley. He’s like a miniature Sugarbutt, though friendlier. I think Fred might try to get me to give Sugarbutt up and keep O’Malley. Which is SO not happening, for the record.

Christina. I love her markings, and her bright pink nose.

Izzie. She has a cool orange ring around her tail.

Meredith Grey. She’s a total mix between Mr. Fancypants and Mister Boogers. Miz BoogerPants, maybe?

All the cats are very, very sweet and friendly, and total love bugs. Their story is that they were strays who showed up at a woman’s house two months ago, and she’s been feeding them since. They were so clean and well cared-for that it’s possible the woman was letting them stay in her house, I don’t know.

They’re somewhere between 4 and 5 months, and they’ll be going to the pet store on Friday, so they won’t be ours for long.

You KNOW they’ll be showered with love as long as we have them, though!


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