11-24-20 Tuesday

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We have an update – and a request for advice. First, the update!

Two years ago we fostered Kristi and Katia and their kittens. Two of Kristi’s kittens were these two…

Tessa (left) and Ohno.

They were adopted together – their people came from North Carolina to adopt them! Ohno is still Ohno, and Tessa is now Heygo, and here they are today.

Heygo sings. I’m not sure I could love this picture more.

Ohno snoozes.

How SWEET are they??

And here is the request for advice – I’m throwing it out there to you, Love and Hisses community, in case you have a suggestion we haven’t thought of. Here is what Danielle said:

Oh how I wish I only had good things to share…. I’ll preface this and say we are 1000% keeping Ohno and Heygo. So don’t worry there. The hardship though is due to Ohno. She continues to be the most amazing cat even getting a comment at the vets office for being hands down the sweetest cat of the year they’ve had.

But…. She has been non-stop marking. You name it, towels, clothes, shoes, base of the stairs, kitchen table, kitchen and bathroom counters, dog beds, kids drawings, kids toys….the list goes on. We’ve had to get rid of a lot of things bc we can’t recover them. The floor which is wood will need to be replaced when we move bc she has damaged it that badly. My kitchen counters look like a hoarders dream bc I try to cover every available inch to limit where she can stand/pee.

We’ve tried so many things: textured mats, sound/shock mats(which she also pees on and have destroyed), feliway, other plug ins, calming collars, pheromone sprays, added more litter boxes. She’s on anxiety medication and we recently added another which is also a combo for inflammation just in case. The best thing we can do is block off the areas we can, leave nothing tempting lying around, and cross our fingers.

She and Heygo have a lot of their own space they hang out in. The older cats have actually accepted them and rub heads, sniff butts, the usual things with both. Ohno does remember some earlier disagreements though and continues to hold a grudge. If she’s not in the mood she’ll warn off an older cat with a growl and a menacing paw. We’ve caught them napping with both dogs. They put on a show of not liking each other when we’re around but they absolutely get along.

My husband is a saint in what he’ll put up with. Ohno’s behavior has pushed him to literal tears. I’m wracked with guilt and apologize constantly. We plan to move houses next year and the work we have to put in for house repairs from her is causing us added anxiety. We also need to keep them with friends and family for the first few months as we wait for this house to sell before buying another to avoid a double mortgage. We don’t want her to bring these issues upon someone else’s home.

To summarize: She has been to the vet. They have tried Feliway, calming collars, pheromone sprays, additional litter boxes and anxiety medication. This is all the obvious stuff, the list of things I would have recommended. I had a few more (medication) suggestions for Danielle to ask her vet about, but beyond that I’m at a loss for what to suggest. So if you have any suggestions here, no matter how remote, please chime in in the comments. I would really appreciate it!


I got that basket at Trader Joe’s in Nashville last year, and the kittens approve. (Candy Apple)

It’s a popular spot. (Snowcone)

As you can see! (Eclair)

Wild Bill’s all “Tell them to stop hoggin’ the basket! I wanna snooze there too!”

Ooh, Eclair-Buffalo Bill pie! My favorite!

Princess Calamity Jane takes a nap in the sun.

“What’s the weird lady doing?”
“I dunno, but it’s weird.”
(Probably waving a feather teaser around.)
Onion Ring (orange collar), Pretzel (in front of Onion Ring), Hush Puppy (back right) and Tater Tot (looking away.)

I love that you can see the reflection of Eclair in the window (and of course Annie Oakley in the crown bed.)

French Fry is such a sleek, glossy girl.

Tater Tot killed a(n Ikea) rat(tie), chewed some cardboard, and has a smug. It’s been a full day!

These 6 kittens are headed off for their spays and neuters today! Left to right we have: Funnel Cake (who had an elevated temperature last week, so couldn’t be done), Calamity Jane, Davy Crockett, Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok. I expect things to go just fine, and will post on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter this evening when I’ve got them back home.


Alice has a grumpy.

YouTube link


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