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In case you missed it, there was a post up yesterday with a review of Tiki Cat food, sent by Chewy.com, which included lots of pictures of permanent residents. Also, the weekly Instagram/Facebook roundup post on Saturday.


In the comments to Friday’s post was this one:

Thank you for taking in these little ones. I am the guy whose doorstep they showed up on. We moved to this complex at the beginning of June and the mother (a tuxie herself) has a prior litter, of which the “auntie” is one, which still roams the area. When she brought this litter to our patio we were committed to getting them into loving arms. We are at our limit of two, which includes Cosby, and only want these babies to know the love of a good home. There is also another mother which has a litter which was born about ten days earlier. We are hoping to get this situation under control. By the way, the mother is again coming to see us, but has yet to bring the kitten with her. She loves to be petted before eating. She seems to be missing them, but I think she has had human contact before and would be happy if she knew that they are safe with loving humans devoted to getting them forever homes. If you are interested I can send you a picture I have of the mother.

Of COURSE I wanted to see pictures, and Byron was kind enough to send them to me and gave me permission to share them.

This is the “Auntie.”

And the yet-to-be-trapped kitten.

Mama herself – isn’t she gorgeous?

Mama and her kittens – those three over to the left should look familiar, since they’re the ones currently in my foster room!

Thank you so much for sharing, Byron!


When I walk into the room and the kittens are playing, they now stay out and continue to play rather than scattering to hide. Progress!

Jethro is turning out to be the friendliest of the three. He’ll actually approach me, whereas the other two have to be lured over with toys or the feather teaser.

Molly really likes hanging out under the ess scratcher. I love her black “glove” on her left paw.
“The better to slap you with, lady.”

“Hallo, lady.”

“Watching you, lady.”

TC (which is what we’ll be calling him, so I don’t have to type out “Thunderclap” every time), hanging under the doll bed.

These kittens certainly enjoy that feather teaser.

Rough life, monkeys.

I’ve held both boys in my lap now. Neither stayed for long (and they didn’t get there on their own – I had to pick them up and put them in my lap, at separate times), but both stayed longer than I expected them to. Molly is proving a harder nut to crack, but she’ll come along sooner or later!


Dennis starts out bedtime laying on me. When he decides that he’s had enough of the petting and kissing, he moves over to the cat bed on the end of my bed, and spends most of the night there. When he hears Fred moving around in his room, he goes running up to greet him. I think it’s safe to say that Dennis is one happy boy.


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11-24-14 — 26 Comments

  1. Well, if I lived in your neighborhood, I’d definitely be offering to adopt Mama and Auntie…. Sooo, so gorgeous!

  2. This is probably one of those questions only pet caretakers can appreciate, but did you notice any changes in the litterbox with the different food? I made the mistake recently of getting a cheap dry food, and there was more and bigger poo. The cheap stuff had very high carbohydrates, so I found the best dry food in my podunk community, with over 30% protein, and there is improvement, plus the furgirls seem to love it.

    • Thats why I had a couple of cats who turned down canned food, they loved the carbs of the dry food.

      I put them on some diet stuff, that was less carbs, more fiber. Oh, we all suffered through that one before the vet switched us once more to c/d.

    • I actually didn’t notice any changes in the litterbox, but to be honest several of the cats use the back yard as a big litterbox (come visit! Walk around in the back yard barefoot!), so if there was a difference, I might not have noticed.

    • I notice it all the time. One meal doesn’t often have a huge effect on stool consistency, but yes, going from a good quality food to a low quality food can make the stool larger and more odorous..

  3. Thank you Byron, for caring and taking the time to try to help these kittens and their family!! I’m sure Mama Kitty knew what she was doing when she came to your patio!

  4. Just de-lurking here to say Jethro Tull (a great kitten name!) was NOT a one hit wonder, they had lots of hits in the UK; I realise you were going by US hits. One of their songs is a great one for cat lovers “The mouse police never sleeps”, the words are sheer poetry, if rather bloodthirsty (as cats are). You will find it on utube.

    • There are many Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson songs which reference cats or are about cats. Ian himself is a fan of moggies.

    • Yeah, I’ve been told. I edited Friday’s post to reflect that (but am still calling the kittens “The Wonders” because I like the sound of that more than “The Classics.”)

  5. Thank you, Byron, for helping these sweet kitties! And the yet-to-be trapped girl looks SO much like my Harley, with her half-and-half nose. I hope she can find a forever home, too.

  6. Mama reminds me of my dear Harley, named because girl had a loud motor.

    Complete with the swirl on the chin that looked almost like a cleft chin.

    Thank you Byron, for stepping up and seeing that these little ones are taken care of. Not to mention Mama and Auntie. Also the other family!

  7. Many thanks for the photos, Byron — and more to the point, for helping these kitties move from motherhood to carefree, and cared-for, lives! Glad the kittens are succumbing to Crooked Acres’ abundant charms.

  8. Dennis looks so miserable in that picture. Such an unhappy, non-smiling face!

    Life is really, really tough for him.

  9. If your going to keep typing TC I am going to be mentally singing..Top Cat hes the indisputable leader of the gang..where’s Officer Dibble??and get him a dustbin!

  10. Jethro’s look-a-like is Meadow. Did Dennis supplant someone in the bed? Is Miz Poo growling at him all night? I have a 50/50 chance of waking up to Riley growling at Norbert some time in the wee hours.

    • No, Miz Poo usually starts out her nights in her heated cube, and wanders into the room in the middle of the night so she can jump up on one side of me, tromp across my pillow (yanking my hair in the process), end up on the other side of me, and then sneeze in my face before settling down. If Dennis hasn’t already moved to his cat bed at the end of the bed before she shows up, he knows to skedaddle before she gets too close. She’s got a mean right hook for an old dame. 🙂

  11. Aw thank you for posting my newest FUNdraiser! You do know, of course, that if I did make a human sized Cozy Bed that cats would take them over anyway, right? 🙂
    Love the mom and auntie pictures! Sounds like mom could be homed if she were caught maybe?

    • Ha – you’re right, the cats would totally take it over!

      I think that if they could get hold of Mom (and possibly Auntie), they could possibly be homed!

  12. TC! Now you need a Magnum PI naming theme. Oh, those little faces…

    Could Dennis be a sweeter boy? I think not. I’d be kissing him non-stop too.

  13. Oh, Denny-bun! Tucking mumsy and dadums in to beddie-bie, safe and sound! What a good boy you are!