11-13-20 Friday

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Brand and style of that cat tree, please!

That is the Nova Microdermabrasion Pet Republic 53 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree, and it came from Amazon!


Charlie has grown so much! It looks like he’s going to be a big fellow!

I think Charlie is going to be a VERY big boy!


Poor Alice! She is outnumbered these days. Are there any thoughts to getting another female friend for her to commiserate with or do cats not care about those kinds of relations?

Hahahaha oh Alice would HATE IT if we brought another girl cat in to be friends with her. Alice Mo loves her Daddy (yo), thinks I’m okay (especially if I have ham or baby food I might give her), will occasionally play chase with one of her brothers (VERY occasionally – and usually Jake, Archie, or (a few times) Charlie; never Khal or Dewey) and pretty much thinks the rest of the universe could go away. None of our girl cats were ever friends with any of the other girls that I can recall.


Huh, I thought Eclair was the littlest. Guess not!

Nope – Calamity Jane (2 1/2 pounds) and Buffalo Bill (2 3/4 pounds) are the smallest. Everyone else is solidly over 3 pounds, including Eclair, who is pretty close to 4 pounds. (Onion Ring and Hush Puppy are the largest, at 4 1/2 pounds.)


I’m genuinely curious how you can tell if kittens are bonded. I know you’ve said before that they seek each other out in a crowd. Are there other signs? Having never been around more than a couple of kittens at a time, I’m wondering what the “tells” are!

They look for each other, they gravitate toward each other, and they notice when the other isn’t present (for instance I had to take Snowflake to the bathroom down the hall for a bit of a butt bath last week, and Candy Apple was waiting worriedly by the door when we got back.) That isn’t to say that they won’t ever play with or snuggle up to other kittens – they play with all of the others and will snuggle/sleep with the others, too, but they’re happiest together.


Orange tabbies, in my experience anyway, are super chill, chonky gentle giants who are the biggest Mommas boys…

Orange tabbies are the surfer dudes of the cat world!


I LOVE the Khal and Charlie snugglefest. I bet that is on Fred’s lap too, right??

Yep – most mornings before he starts work, Fred sits in his recliner and reads. Khal nearly always joins him, and Charlie has started joining the snugglefest too.


It’s Friday the 13th! If a black cat crosses your path, give ’em a kiss.

Onion Ring thinks a kiss would be okay.

Eclair messing with Candy Apple’s tail.

Davy Crockett’s got the twirly eyes.

I love Candy Apple on that scratcher, but I also love that Snowcone’s in the background watching, and Calamity Jane is running over to see what the what.

Calamity Jane always likes to know what’s going on.

Annie Oakley tries to decide whether she wants to come up for a snuggle.

“I don’t WANT a kiss from you, Wild Bill!”

Candy Apple’s all “Hi hi!”

Hush Puppy needs a kiss.


Alice Mo
The Calico
Doesn’t want any sisters,

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