11-13-15 Friday

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I had shoulder surgery on November 4th, and have pre-written and scheduled posts while I recover.


How do you get a mama cat to integrate with the rest of the adult cats in the household? I had 7 cats, then a pregnant cat plopped herself at our door. We got her tested and cleaned up and took her in, shut her in her own room, and she had a single surviving kitten. The kitten is now 8 weeks old, and both of them have been kicked out of the room they were in (it is my nursery, and I’ve got a month or less before I pop!). But mama (Tabitha) will sometimes go after our permanent residents, especially if they happen to be walking quickly away from her. Nevermind the fact that she’s the smallest of them all, they’re all afraid of her. My husband is getting fed up with her, and wants me to find a new home for her, or a shelter that will take her. (I think he’s just cranky because she’s also in heat, and keeps waking us up in the middle of the night.) We do have a door separating half of the house, so we keep her and her Nugget separated when we sleep, but she either needs human attention, or a mate, and keeps caterwauling. She’s getting fixed tomorrow. Can I expect her to be more calm and accepting of the permanent residents after that? Or is there something else I should do, like separating her and her Nugget? I suppose I could sleep on the couch with her…

I think that having her fixed will do a lot to help her get along with the other cats, once the hormones are out of her system. I also think that using a Feliway plug-in would help, and perhaps adding a few drops of Rescue Remedy to her water would help, too.

Other than that, I’m drawing a blank here (can I blame the pain meds? I think I can!), so I need y’all to jump in and offer suggestions, please? (And thank you!!!)



The wonderful Andrea is having an auction to benefit Winnie’s Wish. There are lots of great items up for auction, go check it out and bid your little hearts out. The money goes to a great cause!


Look who it is!

That’s Ambercup (Debra says they call her “Amber” now) on the right, and her big brother Truman on the left. Look at how adoringly she’s looking at him! Debra says that they have a blast, chasing each other all over the house. So sweet!


Happy Friday!


Every day is Friday for Stefan!


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11-13-15 Friday — 9 Comments

  1. First of all, Debra, you are the BEST!!! Thank you for the Amber update. She has many fans that love her to kitty pieces. She and Truman look fabulous together. How could they not be SMITTEN with each other, they are both so adorable. Looks like our little Amber has hit the jackpot!

    As for Tabitha….spaying is the BEST thing you could do along with having patience. Keep them separated for now and have play time with her. Let the hormones subside and then slowly start reintroducing her to the perms. When the perms are around, she gets a treat kibble. So, start associating them with “good things”. Wipe your kitties down with a dry wash cloth and put that in her area. Wipe her down with another and put that in the perms’ area. Keep the scent fresh. Then put her in their area and them in hers. Keep mushing the smells. When they see each other, everyone gets a kibble treat. Get your husband on board to be a helper with the treats and have him play with Tabitha. Hopefully, it will soften his heart and he will be more willing to be patient. If the Nugget gets along with the perms, let him/her mix in. That may help mama see that there is nothing to fear. Hope this helps…I would hate to see her go to a shelter.

  2. spaying should go a long way to helping the integration. we’ve only had one momma cat here that really didn’t get along – and we are pretty sure she was just being protective of her kittens. keep in mind it will still take some time for her hormones to calm down after surgery, but it will help

  3. I love these ‘proof of life’ photos of former fosters. Especially when they look so content and pleased with their situations.

    I think that I could crush on Truman myself, that’s a gorgeous boy.

    Thank you Debra!

  4. Truman’s got a little of the “My little sister is SO annoying” look going on!

    Glad to get an update on Amber! She looks happy!

    • These Amber and Truman updates are the best: many thanks, Debra, and I hope you’ll keep sharing this sweet duo with us. And Robyn, sleep therapists throughout the world would do well to license that adorable photo of Stefan.