11-12-15 Thursday

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I had rotator cuff surgery on November 4th, and have pre-written and scheduled posts for the next three weeks while I recover.


It’s a Stefan in a box! But, wait. Stefan needs to go to the litter box…

Now it’s an Archie in the exact same box!


Newt has really taken over that Room with a View in the computer room.



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11-12-15 Thursday — 16 Comments

    • As my cousin would say, “Move your meat, lose your seat.” He’s an urbane gentleman but we love him.

      And I suspect that Stefan would LOVE a cheeseburger or two.

  1. Seeing the “cool stuff to buy” tag on the right… CALLING OUT TO STOMPERS’ MAMA: We soooooo need an update and pics, please!!!

  2. I have a question for you or your readers: How do you get a mama cat to integrate with the rest of the adult cats in the household? I had 7 cats, then a pregnant cat plopped herself at our door. We got her tested and cleaned up and took her in, shut her in her own room, and she had a single surviving kitten. The kitten is now 8 weeks old, and both of them have been kicked out of the room they were in (it is my nursery, and I’ve got a month or less before I pop!). But mama (Tabitha) will sometimes go after our permanent residents, especially if they happen to be walking quickly away from her. Nevermind the fact that she’s the smallest of them all, they’re all afraid of her. My husband is getting fed up with her, and wants me to find a new home for her, or a shelter that will take her. (I think he’s just cranky because she’s also in heat, and keeps waking us up in the middle of the night. We do have a door separating half of the house, so we keep her and her Nugget separated when we sleep, but she either needs human attention, or a mate, and keeps caterwauling. She’s getting fixed tomorrow. Can I expect her to be more calm and accepting of the permanent residents after that? Or is there something else I should do, like separating her and her Nugget? I suppose I could sleep on the couch with her…

    • I think that having her fixed will do a lot to help her get along with the other cats, once the hormones are out of her system. I also think that using a Feliway plug-in would help, and perhaps adding a few drops of Rescue Remedy to her water would help, too.

      My mind is drawing a blank here, so I’m going to post your question at the top of tomorrow’s post in hopes that others will have suggestions, too!

    • Yup, hormones are a huge driving influence, and where the kitten is still that young, she still wants to protect it when she can. I absolutely vote to have her spayed, you’ll see a fairly dramatic difference in a short time after her hormones settle down.

      That and lots of play time to wear her out.

    • The kitten is named Nugget? That is too adorable for words.

      She definitely needs to be fixed. Hopefully that will give her an attitude adjustment although she may still be a crazy night cat, the caterwauling should decrease.

      Also the break from the household may make her rethink the hierarchy and why she needs to be so fierce about staying at the top. I”ve had cats come back with a clean slate kind of attitude.

      • My hubs named him. I guess I can let him name one cat, especially since he saved his life. About day two, he said he looked like a nugget, and started asking mama how her nugget was.

        Pretty sure Tabitha is a very young cat, less than a year. I don’t know why, partly because her ears are very soft? Not firm like our older cats. Anyway, I was at work (I work nights)when the kittens were born. Hubs was woken by a yelling kitten and went into the room to find shed given birth all over the room. 3 were definitely stillborn (obvious deformities) and he wasn’t sure if another was stillborn or died shortly after being born. Nugget was still attached to his placenta and was cold. But it was him who was crying. Tabitha wasn’t paying any attention to him at all, so hubs cut his cord and warmed him up. I left work as soon as I could and found someplace open 24 hours that had kitten formula, came home and tried feeding him. I wasn’t very successful, but Tabitha came around and started nursing and taking care of him.

        Thanks for your suggestions, I did mention feliway to my hubs. He’s not an uncaring guy, just a little impatient, and cranky when he gets woken up.

    • Andrea, thank you for the reminder! I meant to link to it, and completely forgot. I’ll add a link into tomorrow’s post!