11-12-08 – Delmar, Lem, Marion & Claudette.


I learned something yesterday. For days I’ve been going upstairs to hang out with the kittens, and wondering why they weren’t exploring the upstairs. Sometimes one or two of them would be hanging out in my room and go running back to the kitten room when I appeared. But once I was upstairs, they’d never leave the kitten room.

Yesterday, I hung out with them for a few minutes and then I thought Hmm… I wonder if they’d come hang out with me in my room? I went into my room, lay down on the bed and started reading, and within a few minutes the kittens started appearing on the bed beside me. Eventually all four of them were on the bed with me, rolling around and purring. Apparently the reason they were spending all their time hanging out in the kitten room while I was upstairs is because I was in there.

Ya learn something new every day!

2008-11-12 (4)
Jazz paws!

2008-11-12 (5)
“Belleh rub, please?”

2008-11-12 (6)

2008-11-12 (7)
Me and my boyfriend, bleached out by the sun.

2008-11-12 (8)


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