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Carmela thinks the Mylar ball is SUPER tasty (I love the way her claws are out. She’s really into that thing!)

Stretching is very important before you work out. Carmela makes sure that her hamstrings are good and stretched.

Every day, she bunny kicks her Winnie’s Wish pillow 300 times. It keeps her in excellent shape, clearly.

Though of course when Melfi sneaks up on her and throws her to the floor, there’s only so much she can do.

Probably ought to start working on your upper body strength, Carmela.

Paulie gets some Mama love.

“Why doesn’t this child just lay there and let me bite him? It’s a mystery!”


Carmela loves to sit on my slipper.

Paulie loves his kicker.

“What doin’, lady?”

“Goodness me. Who IS that good-lookin’ boy and how do I get into that room to play with him?!”

Snack time! The chip ‘n dip plates I was using only had 6 separate compartments, and when you’ve got 7 kittens and a mama, that’s just not enough. What’s that? Use two dishes? Well, that’s just crazy talk. OBVIOUSLY I had to buy a deviled egg platter at Target! If you start at Paulie Walnuts (the orange and white in the upper left) and go clockwise, you’ve got Tony next to him, then Melfi, Silvio, Livia, Adriana, Carmela, and Meadow.

And in case you ever wondered just how loud 7 kittens and one cat can be when they’re eating, here’s a video. Turn your sound up and listen to the lip-smackin’!

YouTube link.


I took a thousand (slight exaggeration) pictures of Joe Bob the other day and could NOT get him with his eyes open. He was so busy giving me the slow-blink Look o’ Love that his eyes were always closed or almost so. He is such a sweet boy, our Joe.


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11-12-13 — 17 Comments

  1. Oh, I’m addicted to the noises of kitten-eating! I love the sound, the louder and noisier, the better. The human part of my family think I’m nuts. They may or may not be right 🙂

    • My cat had the most amazing purr to lull you to sleep with. I always wanted to record it and put it on a sound machine! Her purr would have sold millions!

  2. As someone else mentioned, Carmela is the perfect name for such a sweet and beautiful tawny kitten.

  3. Love the shot of Melfi on the floor tussling with Carmela.

    Carmela’s all: “This did not go at all like I planned! HALP!”

  4. Love the sound of lip-smacking kitties. Which makes my kitties say, “If you want to hear some lip-smacking, how’s about you feed us?”

    I love Carmela. She might be my favorite of this litter.

  5. Aahhhh!!! So cute, the from-above eating shot and the video… love it!

    Also, OBVIOUSLY you did have to buy a deviled egg platter… who could possibly disagree with that? 🙂

    Hi Joe Bob!

  6. Carmela looks shocked, SHOCKED, that Melfi has thrown her to the ground. Hopefully, she’ll sneak up on Melfi one of these days to get her back!

    And the deviled egg plate is a great solution. So now you’re all ready for a litter of a dozen, or at least 11 + mama, right?