11-12-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies.

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Oh, my Wonkas. They sure would like to be set free to run through the entire house. I know this because every time I go upstairs, they crowd the door at the end of the hallway and try to slip through. Mike’s made it halfway down the stairs; Gus was pretty close behind. And after I spend time with them and have to leave to go do something (whether I’ve spent five minutes with them, or an hour, it makes no difference), Mike tries to herd me away from the door.

Actually, I guess what they’re really telling me is that they want to be able to follow me around and sit on my lap 24 hours a day!

LESS than 30 days ’til their Combo test, which (I am certain) will show them to be FIV negative, and I guarantee you that when we get home from the vet that day, the first thing I’m going to do is introduce them to the rest of the house!

Sometimes a man’s gotta DANCE.

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So, feeding time in the Cookie room goes like this: we put canned food on two plates, and carry two saucers of watered-down formula into the room. Everyone but Pink runs over and either starts eating off the plate or lapping out of the saucers. Pink comes over to us and gives us the Big Eyes of Hope and meows.

I pick her up and take her into the living room and give her a bottle. And she drinks about a tablespoon at each feeding. Last night, she drank far less than that. But she’s still gaining weight, she’s still healthy, and so I strongly suspect that when we’re not in the room, she’s eating out of the bowl of Baby Cat we keep full at all times.

In fact, Tuesday afternoon I was sitting in the room with them, and I glanced over to see her eating a piece of food from the bowl. Then it was like she remembered – “Oh! If they think I’ll eat on my own the bottles will stop!” – and she scurried away from the food.

I’m wise to your game, bratty little Pink!

“Who, ME?”

“Did you say ‘bottle’?”

“I’ll just wait right here for my bottle, thank you.”

Belly = full. Brain = in shutdown mode. Zzzzzs to commence in 4… 3… 2…

“We don’t think it’s fair that Pink still gets a bottle and the rest of us don’t. I’m heading up the protest.”

Yeah, I’d buy into your protest a little more if you didn’t outweigh every other kitten by at least four ounces, porky. I don’t think you’re starving.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Something has disturbed Miz Poo.


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11-12-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies. — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks again for the comentathon mention – is is a huge success so far and part of that is thanks to so many of our blog friends mentioning it!

    We will have to be sure to donate to that poor Texas shelter too – that is terrible about the fire.

    The Wonkas are looking great – I love that one of Gus standing up. They are all super cute though – keeping our fingers crossed early so the test is good.

    And the Cookies, well they are so cute too. I love that Pink it getting away with the bottle extension plan – but seriously she has to be eating when you aren’t there to be gaining that much. And Hydrox – he is just so cute.

    And seriously – what did Miz Poo see – she looks so interested in whatever it is in that picture!

  2. All of the kittehs are adorable! I must confess to loving Hydrox just smidge (okay, more than smidge) more. He looks soooo much like my black and white guy did as a baby, minus a few nose freckles. Clancy grew up to be a big boy – 20+ lbs! Hydrox may be heading the same way – he’s got that same healthy appetite 🙂 Were I a bit closer, I would snatch him up for adoption (and a couple of Wonkas, too).

  3. The photo of Gus standing up is just awesome! What a talented young man! Of course, I melt each and every time that I see Veruca’s face…and Hydrox…and all the meezer Cookies…and the other Wonkas…and…*sigh*…too much cuteness in that house of yours!

  4. Thanks again for posting about the TX kitties! It’s been really heartbreaking.

    I’m a law student and I’m currently doing a research project for a lobbying campaign about animal cruelty and shelter laws. I have to tell you that after all the terribly depressing things I read, it makes such a difference to read your site and know that there are people out there who truly care and help!

  5. Kitten Cuteness Galore at Crooked Acres. I am envying you big time with all those baby cuties. Hydrox’s eyes look so beautiful in their changing state. Pink is the cutest little bottle demanding princess brat. Love all of them and that is a great photo of the always lovely Miz Poo.

  6. Miss Pink, you sure do have a good gig going there girl!! Thanks for the leads to Amy and the shelter, Robyn… *sigh* I’m trying to catch up with everyone… again! (I’m an accountant and knee deep in auditors this time of year!)
    Hugs to the Cookies & Wonkas from B’more!