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©Heaven Mahle

This is Dirty Feet – she belongs to Heaven, a foster mum for Challenger’s House. (You guys think I have a lot of cats in my house at one time? Heaven routinely has WAY more fosters in her house at one time than I do. And she’s a miracle worker. I’ve seen kittens that don’t look like they’re going to make it one more hour when she gets them turn out to be the most beautiful, healthy cats. Which you already know if you’re Facebook friends with her!)

Last week, Dirty Feet was ill, and ended up at the vet’s where she was for most of the week. They couldn’t seem to figure out what was going on with her until Heaven took her to another vet who was able to ultrasound Dirty Feet and find the blockage causing her illness. She had surgery on Friday and as of today is recovering at home and doing well.

©Heaven Mahle

And here are some pictures of Dirty Feet as a baby, because I knew you’d want to see them!

All above pictures ©Heaven Mahle

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Why does Jakey have six feeties and two tailios in that pic?

That would be because Reacher is right behind him. There’s just nothing on earth the Bookworms enjoy more than a good sniff of another cat’s behind.

I’m hoping to foster kittens again in my summer holiday (as a teacher, I get a nice long holiday to fill up with kittenage) and I keep sort of wistfully hoping that my younger cat Teddy will be Good With Kids the way Jake and Charlene are. I’m afraid she won’t be, though, any more than my older cat Pearl is!

I am really, really surprised that Jake ended up so good with the kittens. He just loves them to death – and although I had hoped Miz Poo would be our Charlene Butterbean kitten-loving type, I’m just glad ONE of the cats is! Tommy’s good with them, too, but Jake will actually seek them out and play with them, and groom them.

Of course, last night I saw the most shocking thing – Buster was vigorously cleaning Starsky! I certainly never thought I’d see THAT.

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You really think the Bookworms are leaving?

Shush, you, or I’ll leave them on your doorstep. 🙂

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Is that the box you were packing Buster plus one in to send to me? Wouldn’t they prefer a bed of cat biscuits in case they got hungry on the way?

We shut our female cat in one room today so she could have some peace from her little brother while we went out (it’s too wet and cold to leave him out like we do in summer). We chose to give her the sitting room so she can get up on the back of the chair to look out of the window. And we put her food, water and a litter tray in there for her. The boy was all over it “Hey, mum, I used to have food and water in here, didn’t I, when I was a baby? And a litter tray; just let me…” I picked him up just in time!

Is it wrong that I’d pack Buster in a box to send to you just so I could see the look on the mailman’s face when Buster let out a patented “I am angry, I do not like this” growl? 🙂

(And your story about your little one cracked me up – I can absolutely envision that!)

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Looks like a little angel, doesn’t he? DO NOT BE FOOLED.

Note the claws, extended and ready for use!

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Buster can’t get away from those crazy women on Dr. Phil fast enough.

Corbie the beautiful.

Striped Corbie belleh.

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Spanky in the sun!


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11-12-10 — 4 Comments

  1. Corbett is just stunning isn’t he? You should send that on the couch picture in for his adoption page- how could anyone resist THAT?

  2. Yes, Corbie is a handsome boysie! Shove him in that box with Buster! And Buster washing Starsky?! Perhaps he’s like an older child in a big family; “OK, I’ll help the littlies get ready, and then, maybe, mum will have some time for ME!” (Except he’d say “mom”, wouldn’t he, being an American cat!)

  3. Your comment button is well-hidden. Almost couldn’t find it.

    You have beautiful cats. We hope you reach your goal for the vet bill. It’s great you persevered to find out what’s wrong with Dirty Feet.