11-8-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

“You don’t see me.” (Tater Tot)

Funnel Cake loooves to be held on his back like a baby. He’s the sweetest boy!

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Twice a week I clean the kitten room including vacuuming and mopping. The easiest way for me to mop is to put the kittens in their crate once everything else is done, and then mop. Yeah, it’s a tight squeeze, but it’s only for 10 minutes while the floor dries. And they’re none the worse for wear, as you can see. (I expected to get them more EXPLODING out of the crate, but I’d call that more of a meander.)

Snowcone’s Glamour Shot. (Do you younguns know what a Glamour Shot is, or is it too old a reference?)

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Wild times in the kitten room. Zoom zoom zoom!

Tiny Basket, Tiny Eclair. The perfect combination.

Good night innernets. (Tater Tot)

“Oh, HIIIIII!” Candy Apple is pleased you stopped by for a visit.

They’re negotiating who gets to play with that felted ball next. Left to right: Fritter, Hush Puppy and Onion Ring.

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Every evening at bed time, Fred holds Charlie up so that he can bat at the ceiling fan pull. It’s Charlie’s favorite part of the day.

Funnel Cake’s all “Move along, lady. This doesn’t involve you.” (That’s Eclair in the basket, Onion Ring under the overturned black cat bucket, and Funnel Cake in the front giving me the eyes.)

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There’s a whole lotta tail chewing going on. (Buffalo Bill, Snowcone and Candy Apple.)

Snowcone’s serious little face kills me.

Good night innernets, from permanent resident Charles, Prince of Wails. (Formerly known as Aramis)

We voted with the support of all 15 Vittles!⁠ (In the interest of full disclosure, I voted weeks ago via mail before the Vittles were even in residence. As a mail-in voter, I didn’t get a sticker, which is incredibly unfair if you ask me. That sticker is from a previous election.)

It is #Toesday and Buffalo Bill offers his toebeans for your approval.

Calamity Jane is walking around with a booger slung across her nose because of course she is.

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A lap full of purring kittens is what this day calls for. (And Pretzel is very demanding.)

Wild Bill reminds you that it’s still #Toesday and as such, get a load of these toebeans.

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Tossing toys for kittens. Look at ’em GO!

“Can they see my toeses, lady?” Snowcone asks worriedly.

Funnel Cake gets up on his pedestal to let y’all know that apparently when you vote by mailing in your ballot, you don’t get an “I voted” sticker (at least not here in Alabama where we are), and this does not seem fair to any of us. He’ll be running in 2024 on a “STICKERS FOR EVERYONE” platform. Also on his platform: daily naps.

Good night innernets. (Wild Bill Hickok)

Breakfast is served!

Line ’em up! Left to right: Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Davy Crockett, Annie Oakley & Buffalo Bill. (5 of our 15 fosters.)

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Please admire Onion Ring (and also Tater Tot.)

Hush Puppy has got himself some BIG ol’ feet.

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Play time in the kitten. Crazy little muffins.

Annie Oakley figured out how to get up on the desk, which is where I stash all the stuff I don’t necessarily want them to mess with. Guess it’s time to find another place to put all that stuff!

That Calamity Jane sure is a cutie pie.

Good night innernets. (French Fry)

Middle of the night stroll down memory lane? Don’t mind if I do! Say hi to fosters #79&80, Rumba (back) and her sister Samba. They were with us mid-January to early March, 2009. They came to us as little scaredy-cats, but by the time they left they were seeking our attention with confidence. They went to Petsmart and were adopted, but I’m not sure (it’s been 11+ years) whether they were adopted together or not.

Say hi to fosters #81-87, who we fostered in March – May 2009. I gave them old-fashioned names and called them collectively “The Seven.” Because there were 7 of them, see? They were the kittens belonging to a mother cat who evaded capture. They were about 7 weeks old, but Beulah (center of the line) was only 8 ounces and she remained tiny (but mighty) during her stay. They were a friendly bunch and headed off to Petsmart after a couple of months, where they were all adopted.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Tater Tot, Funnel Cake, Onion Ring, Hush Puppy & French Fry.

I told someone like a week ago that I’d post a picture of former foster (from 2009) Hydrox, and then I immediately forgot. But then I remembered! Better late than never, right? Hydrox was a black and white tuxie with 4 siamese-mix siblings. They were small and delicate, and he was muscular and heavy as a brick. We named the entire litter after cookies, and since “Oreo” had been used approximately a zillion times, we went with Hydrox for his name. Fred called him “Hydro X” and said that was his superhero name. I called him “Brick Brickman,” which is clearly the name of a news anchor. He was a personable guy (the whole litter had tons of personality) and is one of the fosters Fred can actually still name to this day.

I took this picture of Calamity Jane, and then I squooshed her.⁠

I’m sensing some attitude from Wild Bill.

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I swear, if I had half the energy these kittens do…

It’s a big world, Funnel Cake.

Onion Ring requests a kiss. (I gave him 50.)

Good night innernets. (I think I need a selfie stick for these shots.)

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Annie Oakley sure does have a lot to say lately.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Eclair, Candy Apple, Snowcone, Fritter & Pretzel.

“We don’t care if it’s dirty laundry, lady. It’s COMFY.” (Onion Ring, Davy Crockett, and Snowcone on the floor sniffing the dish towel.)

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Jake and Charlie: the bromance.

I don’t know what had their attention, but it must’ve been something good! (Hush Puppy, Calamity Jane & French Fry.)

Hush Puppy is such a poser.

Good night innernets. (Candy Apple)

Well that looks comfy! (Snowcone and Annie Oakley)

Buffalo Bill’s keeping an eye on the clock (and wishing time would move faster!) The Forgotten Felines of Huntsville auction starts in just FIFTEEN MINUTES! Don’t miss out! (And yes, you do need to have a Facebook account to take part.)

“Don’t look, Ethel!” (Fritter)

Whatchoo want, lady?” Getting some attitude from Snowcone, Wild Bill and Annie Oakley. Onion Ring over there on the left is just minding his own business.)

Snuggling with Funnel Cake and Onion Ring (and Snowcone’s feet).

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Annie Oakley is one fabulous girl, isn’t she?

Good night innernets. (Hush Puppy, Snowcone, Eclair, Wild Bill, Davy Crockett & Buffalo Bill. And Tater Tot on the ham-mick.)


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