11-9-20 Monday

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Did you want to see a picture of all the house panthers in a row? You know you did!

Left to right: Onion Ring, French Fry, Pretzel, Fritter, Buffalo Bill (looking down) and Hush Puppy giving us a big ol’ smile (or possibly a chatter.)

Then they rearranged themselves a little (well, French Fry did) : Onion Ring, Pretzel, French Fry (in the back), Fritter, Buffalo Bill & Hush Puppy.

Someone asked… somewhere (maybe Instagram? I saw the comment and meant to answer and now I can’t find it) if this is the most black kittens I’ve fostered at once. I believe it is, I think the most I’ve had at once in the past was 4, but it’s possible I’m wrong.

Funnel Cake from above.

Onion Ring from above.

Hush Puppy from above.

Annnd French Fry from above.

Davy Crockett has a think.

I think Candy Apple must have left a little breakfast on her chin just for Snowcone.

Hush Puppy is waiting for a cuddle.

Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane and Eclair approve of that basket.

Wild Bill’s serious little face makes me want to squoosh him repeatedly.

Speaking of spay/neuters (like I was up there at the top of the post), these guys are all scheduled for theirs. The biggest 10 kittens (Funnel Cake, Tater Tot, Onion Ring, Hush Puppy, French Fry, Snowcone, Candy Apple, Pretzel, Fritter and Eclair) will be going on November 17th. The remaining 5 (Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill, Davy Crockett, Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley) will be going on November 24th.

Snowcone and Candy Apple are a bonded pair and have to be adopted together. We have an adoption pending on Tater Tot. If any of the remaining kittens strike your fancy, you can inquire about adopting them by emailing Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org

We’re located in Huntsville, Alabama and Forgotten Felines requires adopters who do not live locally to come here and complete their adoption. “Come here” means “Come to Huntsville, Alabama via plane, train, automobile or horse and buggy” and unless you’re a previous adopter it’s nonnegotiable. Also nonnegotiable: kittens have to go to homes with young cats already in residence OR be adopted with another kitten. Far too many times people who adopt a single kitten find that the kitten has A LOT OF ENERGY and that somehow comes as a big surprise, the bored and lonely kitten makes life hard, and back the kitten comes once s/he’s past that cute stage. None of us want that, am I right?

If after reading all that you still want one or more of these little goobers, you can email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org and get the ball rolling. They should be ready to go home shortly after Thanksgiving (which is November 26th.)


Dewey keeps an eye out for Earl the Skwerl, who has been pretty busy doing whatever he’s doing (perhaps there’s a Mrs. Earl?) and hasn’t been around much.


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