11-13-18 Tuesday

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Over the weekend we had a sunny day, and around mid-day the sun was shining through the skylight in the master bathroom, and the kittens were running around playing, and I thought “I wonder what they’d do if I tossed a ping pong ball into the bathtub?”

They hopped in to check it out, is what they did.

Axle, mid-jump.

They had a LOT of fun.

Whole lotta wrestling goin’ on. (LoJack and Tank are still a bit too small to get into the tub on their own, so I put them in the tub so they could join in on the fun.)

9 kittens in one tub! (Pulley and Cruise were… well, I’m not sure where they were. Possibly on the other side of the bathroom being antisocial.)

Solenoid, picking a fight with LoJack.

So much sun!

Solenoid taking a bath on the left, Axle and Tank tussling on the right, and Clutch watching from above.

I think Tank needs a nap.

Solenoid and Axle and the Open Mouth of Outrage.

Yes, that tub IS awesome – but it takes forever to fill, I feel like it’s a waste of water for the length of bath I’d take, and (GASP) I’m not really much of a bath-taker. I’m much more a fan of our shower.

That tub is a great size for a bunch of bottle babies, though, don’t you think? (I can’t quite convince Fred of that, though. He’s no fun.)


Frankie in the sun. Is he a pretty boy, or is he a pretty boy? (He’s a pretty boy!)

Someone asked after Frankie in yesterday’s comments – Just wondering – any news on Frankie? – and I’m pleased to say that Frankie is doing very well. He’s on a thrice-weekly dose of Atopica, which is keeping his stomatitis under control very well. He’s doing just fine, and we’ve had no issues in quite a while. He’s eating fine, he’s annoying the other cats fine (he’s fond of chasing Sheriff Mama (Kara) across the yard. I think he wants to play, but she’s a serious lawwoman and has no time for his nonsense), every once in a while he comes and snuggles with me in the middle of the night.


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11-13-18 Tuesday — 13 Comments

  1. I read “Open Mouth Of Outrage” as “Open Mouth of ORANGE” LOL Must be too early for me.

  2. That is the best use of a tub that I know of! (I have had a huge tub for 18 yrs and have probably used it…oh…10 times.

    Glad Frankie is doing so well. Poor Kara. I have one who is great with other cats but does not want to be touched by them or chases. Girl sounds like she is being murdered if so.

  3. P.S. I would like my company to know that I do NOT appreciate them blocking this website as “Personal Sites”. Buttheads – ha!

  4. I got the jailed Squashbugs as a banner today!! ALWAYS makes me laugh!

    Aw, glad the babies had so much fun in the tub… little cuties!

  5. Cold weather coming here in south Louisiana tonight. Do the cats who normally sleep on the porch come into the house via the cat door on nights like this?

  6. Thank you for posting your current crop of kitties on the side bar (seeing I complained to you about it!) I’m glad you included Ryder, too.

  7. Hi Robin! Thank you in advance – the kitten adjustment continues. New litter (no more cement clay litter boots!), but I think Kekoa the kitten takes offense to the smell of his own poo (understandable!) and I recall you saying that you add… something… to your litter? Baking soda? Charcoal? Could you refresh my memory?

    • Activated charcoal! You can buy it online (Amazon link for reference) OR you may be able to find something similar in the fish section of a pet store. I usually sprinkle a decent amount across the top of the litter – it’ll get mixed in as he uses it, and if his feet are a light color, the activated charcoal will make them look dirty. (But the benefits are worth it!)