11-14-18 Wednesday

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If you’ve ever tried to figure out how to tell the orange boys apart, here’s how I do it – especially now that Axle managed to get his own collar off AND take Gauge’s collar off (he thinks they’re super fun toys.) I go by the colors on and around their noses.

Clutch’s nose is mostly white.

(I know that the picture below and the one of Clutch make it look like there’s a huge difference in their fur color, but it’s just the lighting – all three of them are pretty much the same shade of orange.)

Gauge’s nose is mostly orange except for that swipe of white on the left side of his nose.

And Axle’s left muzzle is white, and the white has splashed up onto his nose.

I consider Fender to be one of the orange boys, even though he’s actually buff – or cream, if you prefer. In pictures he often looks more orange than he is in person. I never have any trouble telling him apart from the other three in person (even if I can’t see his face), but sometimes I’m stumped when I’m looking at pictures.

How to tell the brown tabby girls apart.

Pulley has white on her, including a white splotch on her nose, a white ascot, and white feet.

Solenoid is all brown tabby. Yesterday was the first day I actually thought “Hey, she’s the only one in the litter who doesn’t have white feet.” This is the FIRST TIME I noticed. And they’ve been with me for nearly two months. (In my defense, there are a LOT OF KITTENS IN MY FOSTER ROOM right now!) I mean, I knew she didn’t have white feet, I just didn’t actually notice that every one of her siblings does! Edited to add: Oops – Dynamo doesn’t have white feet either! Did I mention that there are a lot of kittens right now?

How to tell the tuxie girls apart.

Cam’s left muzzle is white.

Cruise’s white stops at her chin.

Dynamo’s the only dilute tortie, of course.

Tank’s the only mostly-white with orange. The cloud of fur and dust around his head in this picture cracks me UP.

LoJack’s the only gray tabby and white. Also, like Tank, he’s short and round and stubby compared to the older, lankier kittens.

Tank and LoJack (especially LoJack) next to Ryder’s kittens reminds me a lot of when Dennis was added to the Players. They were all so long and lanky and sleek, and he was just this little short, round-faced kitten. He did stretch out a bit as he got older, but he just had a shorter, smaller frame than they did, a totally different body type.

I went looking for a picture to show the difference in body types between Dennis and the Players and didn’t really find one that showed it as well as I’d like. I did, however, find this video of Mariette walking across the room specifically to show Dennis her butt and it made me laugh out loud.

YouTube link

Oh, how I miss that boy.


Khal shows off the Ears of Annoyance.


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11-14-18 Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. Solenoid isn’t the only non white-footed kitten in the litter. I had to go back and look at pictures to confirm, but I was pretty sure that Dynamo didn’t have white feet either. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dilute tortie that had white feet. Although that would be pretty cute!

    You are absolved – as you said, you have a LOT of kittens running around in your house!! πŸ™‚

    • Oh dear lord, you’re right! I’m going to go edit the post to add that. Poor Dynamo, she’s gonna be in therapy for years over this one! πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh, Khal Drogo would be so well dressed today on this frigidly (-11C) morning in Ottawa (Canada)… Look at that majestic fur! He looks absolutely stunning, such a handsome man.

    Aw, Dennis!

    I’d still be all “wait, you are…” while I tried to figure who the baby with the splash of white/all orange/ascot/no socks markings is. In this instance, I’d be doing a Fred and calling them whatever fits!

  3. Thanks for linking one of your classic posts, The Downfall of Senator Stanley J. Boogerton. It’s still as funny in 2018 as it was in 2005!

    I love seeing all the now gone, but certainly not forgotten, permanent residents – especially Mr. Boogers and my all-time favorite, Miz Poo πŸ™‚

  4. I always use the forhead markings for the boys. and Gauge has biger ears it seems than the other 2.