11-14-16 Monday

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Remember this gorgeous face?

That is, of course, Khaleesi, who was our pregnant foster way back in 2013. She gave birth to Ember, Scorch, Puff and Ruth, and adopted Norbie.

Alton said: We went to Auburn a couple of weeks ago to see Khaleesi (the daughter was there, too). Her Majesty wanted to play. She also needed a claw clipping, which I discovered the hard way.

He also added:

Over the last couple of weeks Lily and I have watched these episodes of Nature “The Story of Cats” on PBS. I’m wondering if you’ve seen them? The L&H community might enjoy them.

The Story of Cats: Asia to Africa
The Story of Cats: Into the Americas

When they talked about cats taking the place of dinosaurs as the last great land predator, we both looked over at Bubba snoozing in the cat tree, looked at each other, and shrugged.

Thanks for sharing, Alton!


You may have already heard about this on Facebook. Saturday night, I was laying in bed reading, and I kept hearing the sounds of cats playing. Sometimes Jake and Alice get a little loud, chasing each other around, so I figured that was what I was hearing. After about 10 minutes, I started hearing not only the sounds of running, leaping, and jumping, but also some squeaking. For a moment I thought it was one of those toys that squeaks when it’s batted, but decided I better get up and see what was going on.

Which is when I realized that Jake and Alice had been chasing after a flying squirrel. When I walked into the front room, Jake had it pinned on its back. I yelled at him to let it go, and the squirrel ran into the fireplace, behind the litter box. I bellowed several times for Fred (who was already sleeping) to come help me, and he eventually heard me, and came downstairs. We had it cornered in the fireplace, and when Fred reached down to pick it up, it flew up, bounced over him, and ran to the other side of the room.

It took a few more minutes, but he got it trapped under a plastic container, and took it outside to set it free.

I tried to convince him that we needed to keep it as a pet, but he wasn’t having it (and I wasn’t serious, anyway.)

I have no idea where it came from, but I suspect it came down the chimney in the front room. Stefan wasn’t involved in the whole thing, because he was outside for the night. The biggest surprise, to me, is that Sheriff Kara didn’t go stomping into the front room and take care of matters, since she’s our best hunter.


Chesnee, gettin’ ::thlurrrp::y.

Paws up, y’all! (Charleston)

Raleigh readies his slappin’ paw.

Iva’s got her ticket!

Time for a piece o’ Raleigh pie.

And Iva pie.

Wahhh! He’s da BAYbee!

Wahhh! Raleigh is ALSO da BAYbee!

Not the best picture, but here’s a shot of Charlotte and Abby close to each other, so y’all can see the resemblance.

And even closer!

I had to take Charleston and Abby to the vet last Thursday. They’d both stopped eating and had lost weight – they weren’t big kittens to start with, and by the time I realized they were hardly eating, they’d gotten bony. The vet ran tests and couldn’t find anything wrong, so gave them fluids and suggested I syringe feed them Hill’s A/D until they started eating on their own again. Abby rebounded quickly, and by Sunday was back to her previous highest weight. Charleston’s apparently taking the long recovery – he’s been eating on his own, but he mostly wants to sit in my lap and complain to me. He’s gained a little weight back, so I’m not too worried about him, but I’m… Okay, I’m worried about him, it’s what I do. But I’m not SERIOUSLY worried about him at this point.

I don’t know what’s actually in the Hill’s A/D, but it’s like crack to all the kittens. I was syringing some into Charleston’s mouth yesterday, and Iva came up and tried to eat the food OUT OF HIS MOUTH while he was swallowing it.


Newt’s in his favorite hidey-hole for the winter.


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  1. Does Stefan stay outside all night? I would think that he would get too cold or does he have someone to snuggle with?

    • He stays out all night when he wants to – he’s welcome to stay inside, but sometimes he howls to go out. There are at least 8 (probably more that I’m not thinking of at the moment) sheltered houses on the property, including three with heated beds on the front porch. He’s got his pick of warm places to sleep – though given how much he sleeps during the day, I suspect he does a lot of hunting at night!

      • Good! I’m glad he has lots of warm places to go. My cats always like to hunt at night too! Good luck Stefan!

  2. Thank you for saving that cute little squirrel! I am soooo glad Kara was taking a vacation day from sheriffing! Charlotte and Abby do look like siblings!

  3. Waking up to Khaleesi’s face made my day!!

    It’s Monday & I’m at work, so I would like Newt to move over and let me crawl in there with him for nap time.

  4. Oh, that poor squirrel. While creeping down the chimney, she may have thought that the house would make a warm place to make a nest, but then she discovers that THIS PLACE IS FULL. OF. CATS.

    Imagine the stories she could tell her buddies.

    • I imagine her sitting around a bowl of nuts at a bar, telling her friends the story. “And then I BOUNDED over the human and ran to the other side of the room – but I was TRAPPED!”

  5. Wait, what? You have flying squirrels in Alabama? I thought that was some kind of exotic creature from Far Away Land. Glad the little one got some help and got away. Fearsome hunters live here!
    We have started the sub q fluids for our darling Gracie. We found out last week that her kidneys are shutting down and she is at only 20% function. Jennifer is helping us with the infusion. I am pumping her, Gracie not Jennifer, full of baby food, chicken broth, kitty treats, tuna… basically anything she will eat. I have always kept an eagle eye on the furbots but this caught us by surprise. Very quick and very bad.

    • Fred’s been saying that he was sure we had at least one, it was nice (NOT) to have confirmation of that. He sure was a cutie.

      I’m sorry to hear that Gracie’s not doing well – sometimes, no matter how closely you watch them, they manage to take us by surprise. I hope that the fluids and whatever-she’ll-eat diet helps. <3

  6. Hey – I just noticed that this is the anniversary of the famous “The Downfall of Senator Stanley J. Boogerton” post. I read that at least once a year.

  7. Wait – a certain Sheriff slept through an ENTIRE skwerl incident? This is going down on somebody’s permanent record.

  8. That is one beautiful photo of Khaleesi, and I love the fact that she’s air-kneading! Glad she continues to be much loved, as all Crooked Acres grads should be.

  9. Sheriff Kara has better things to do than to clean up your messes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Retroactive purrs for Charleston.. I so hope he is feeling better in tomorrow’s post, that I’m about to read right now..

  10. We used to have a pet flying squirrel! I had to keep her locked up in her own room – too tempting!!!!