11-15-16 Tuesday

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Iva, considering the scratching post.

Chesnee, another innocent victim of the sun. So sad.

“What doon, weird lady?” Chesnee, miraculously healed.

Tiny Chesnee, tiny basket.

That serious look on Charlotte’s face is KILLING ME DEAD. “Esscuse, Raleigh. You is not to be touchin’ me.”

She grabs! She misses!

“::pat::pat:: That’s okay, you’ll get it next time!”


Raleigh in the scratcher bowl, with his favorite toy. It doesn’t get any cuter.

Tiny Iva, tiny basket. They love to push that basket under the bottom shelf of the wall tree.

Abby likes to hang out atop the wall tree condo.

“Y’all watch out! I’m comin’ in!”

It’s not necessarily comfortable for everyone, but all six of them can still get into my lap at one time. I don’t expect that to last for much longer!


Maxi, hanging out in one of her favorite places – the rocking chair on the front porch.


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11-15-16 Tuesday — 11 Comments

  1. The calendars look great. I think I was even able to identify the permanent residents correctly, or so I am telling myself. They’re all wonderful, but I do have to wonder if I am the only one who could go for an all “Looney Jake” calendar. I love his little furry face.

    That lap full of kittens looks awesome as well. Being covered in kittens is excellent therapy. (Actually, my favorite thing to do is to lie down and let little ones use me for a playground.) Charlotte looks so smug all nestled right in the middle. And I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed what lovely markings Raleigh has before now.

    Morning uplift compete. Thank goodness for cats and kittens!

  2. “Esscuse, Raleigh. You is not to be touchin’ me.”
    “Y’all watch out! I’m comin’ in!”
    LOL… so cute

    • I LOL. Honestly. Wiping up the coffee right now. I will be using “You is not to be touchin’ me.” whenever I can.

  3. LOVE the calendars! That picture of all six Fakers is just the cutest – I don’t remember seeing that picture before. And I love that picture of Kokomo that made it to the calendar – one of my favorites!

    • Oh, I should have mentioned – he’s eating like a pig and playing like a wild man. He’s bouncing back quickly, thankfully.

  4. Lovely kittens! When the sun isn’t out, my cats want to cuddle me at the desk, so I’ll tuck the first arrival in the front of my fleece vest and zip him in so I can continue working! My little Pomeranian will go to sleep in there, too. So far it’s just one Joey at a time!

    I notice the bolts protruding under the wall tree shelf; do you or the cats get gouged? You can put Screw Protectors (Soft Claws for screws) or short lengths of vinyl tubing on them. I do wonder, though, if they’d become another play opportunity. Just a thought.

    • We haven’t gotten gouged yet (it probably helps that they’re so short)(the screws, not the kittens, ha), but I’ll check out the Screw Protectors – I’d rather be safe than sorry!