11-16-16 Wednesday

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I’ve finally gotten a page up and running with my “favorite things” listed – stuff I recommend, from beds to toys to litter. It’s here – if you think I need to add anything to that list, speak up. I’ll get a link in the sidebar one of these days.


“How YOU doin’?”

Wahhh! Raleigh is DA BAYBEE! I know you’re shocked to hear that.

Wahhh! Charleston? Also DA BAYBEE.

I have managed to find a flavor of treat that only one kitten – Iva – cares for, Friskies Barnyard Bonanza. She’ll eat ’em like they’re going out of style, but no one else is interested at all – in fact, they come over, sniff them, and then give me a dirty look. Spoiled brats.

“What you gonna do about this treat situation, lady?”

“You gonna give all those treats to me, right, lady?”

Raleigh’s outraged at Chesnee’s behavior. “STOP BITING ME!”

“I likes to make him cry.”

Snuggly Abby. I don’t know how she’s possibly gaining weight – all the food seems to go onto her nose and stay there.

Four tabbies in one picture! From the left we have Raleigh being DA BAYBEE, Charleston, Iva, and Chesnee.

I should have mentioned in yesterday’s post – Charleston is doing MUCH better. He’s eating like a pig, gaining weight back, and playing like a wild thing. It’s so nice to see him acting like a kitten after a few days where all he wanted to do was sit in my lap and whine at me.


Dust bath time for Sheriff Mama!


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11-16-16 Wednesday — 22 Comments

  1. Iva is soooo my favorite. Her sad, sweet, little face kills me!

    Abby could totally by my Binx’s sister!!!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out about the homemade fur balls. My Rosie will get ahold of one and caterwaul like it’s her job while wandering around with it.

    I read your recommendations and I have to say I LOVE the Fizzion. It’s the only cleaner I’ve ever used that takes away that awful spot left behind after barfing. It has even worked on old spots. I actually like the scent, it smells very fresh to me, and wish it was even a bit stronger. It’s expensive online but you can order it on The Home Depot website and have it delivered free to your local store. I already have the bottle so I just order the refill tablets.

    I wish I could try a few more of the things you recommend but with 16 cats, we cheap out where we can. Which means using the cheapest clumping litter we can find with tons of baking soda. Which means hauling a 20 lb bag of cat poop up the stairs on a daily basis. Or I used to, until I decided to make my husband do it. HA!

    • I COMPLETELY understand cheaping out where you can! πŸ™‚

      And thanks for the tip on ordering it from Home Depot – I’ll add that!

  3. Yay Charleston. Glad to hear the tummy issues are over. I will check out the favorites. I have not bought something cat related for at least 2 days. The horror.

  4. So, do tell us the x-acto knife accident story. I have very weak hands, and am scared to death of cutting myself in my crafting adventures.

  5. Thanks so much for the “favorite things” page. Will be using it frequently, I’m sure. I just bought the washable pee pads recommended in a post last week (or the week before), and noticed they’re not on the page. Just a thought.

    So glad Charleston is better!

      • Just a tip…when traveling, put a puppy pee pad on top of your cushion/towel in the carrier. They will absorb well, not smell, and not get kitty wet. I had a 9 hour drive with 5 cats. All used the litter box (I rotated them in and out of the carriers to use the litterbox, but one wanted no part of being out. It worked like a charm!

        • Oddly enough, I just posted about using the pads in the carrier when I was adding links to that page. Great minds think alike. πŸ™‚

  6. Some things you might want to add to your list of good things are: laser toy(s), chenille mats under litter boxes, customized high sided or covered litter boxes, outside cat houses, room with a view, mink tails, and homemade dog fur toys. Just a few ideas from reading your beloved blog. Thanks for making this list in the first place and adding kitten joy to the world!

  7. Robyn-I love the “S” scratcher because it has two different sides and it’s like carpet which my cat loves to scratch. Let me restate that to be clear-she loves to scratch the carpet and NOT the carpet-like scratcher! Also, the pie plates that your kitties sleep in might be a good add.

    • Oh yes, the ess! I’ll add that. The pie plate is already on the list (though I referred to it as the name it’s listed under on Amazon – I’ll go add the “pie plate” name, too!) Thanks. πŸ™‚