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“HEY, lady, you go ‘way! We havin’ secret kitteh meeting! You not invited!”

“Sorry, lady, no room for you on the Ham-mick. Kittens only!”

The “Small Cheese” label below Tony’s face is apropos, no?

Toof check! One…two… Yep! Paulie Walnuts, you have the important teeth, you’re good to go.

I was messing around with the settings on my camera and ended up with this “painting” of Livia. Kinda cool, isn’t it?

Mr. Innocent (Tony). Don’t fall for it!

I’ve interrupted Carmela’s moment of Zen.

She’s just like her Mama. Livia and Carmela both will just knead forever on this blanket.

Tony was so busy swiping at Paulie (in the basket) that he didn’t realize Carmela was sneaking up behind him.

Paulie in da basket.

Tony in the sun with his favorite track toy.

Only one video this week – and it’s another Kitten Fight Club. With Livia (who wasn’t taking part in the fighting this time around.)

YouTube link.


You may have seen this picture (well, a similar picture) elsewhere, but I need to make sure everyone sees it, because it cracks me UP.



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11-16-13 — 15 Comments

  1. That picture of Livia is beautiful! And Stefan is such a sweet, sweet boy — most definitely the hat’s miaow.

  2. Stefan is obviously born to be the in-house hat model. Next stop: Ties! Scarves! Bowties! Helmets! Oh, please let there be helmets.

  3. Love Chefan!
    Also loved Paulie getting “head-to-tail” fight action in the video! He wasn’t bothered enough to get up! oh the cuteness….