11-17-16 Thursday

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Chesnee says “YOU might think it’s Thursday, but here in the kitten room it’s THLURRRPSDAY!”


And one more ::thlurrrp:: for the road.

Iva gets her ::thlurrrp:: on, too. (You can see a bit of the leftover treat on her chin – it’s red, so that’s treat, not blood. It freaked me out when I first saw the picture!)

Now THAT is a serious ::thlurrrp::!

“I can play this ::thlurrrp!:: game, too!” says Charlotte.

And there goes Abby, ::thlurrrp::ing and practicing her yoga at the same time.

“We is done ::thlurrrp::ing, lady. You go ‘way.” Charlotte and Iva have become good friends – which is funny, considering how much hissing and growling they did at each other in the beginning. Iva plays and snuggles a lot with Abby, too. I guess she likes those girls (and they like her back!)

Snack time!

Chesnee, mid-leap.


Video! Have I mentioned that Charlotte is completely insane? Because she is – she’s a total little nut. Here’s some video proof.

YouTube link


Joe Bob will have you know that it’s not just the little ones who can ::thlurrrp:: He’s an expert at it, thank you very much.


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11-17-16 Thursday — 13 Comments

  1. Charlotte is an adorable little nut! I hope when it’s her turn to be adopted, her forever family adopts another kitten with her. Two together would be perfect!

  2. Oh, those little faces…

    Are the babies still wearing their collars, or are those older pictures?

    • They’re still wearing collars – they look so much alike that they (well, I) need them. When they’re ready to go off to Petsmart, I’ll put nicer-looking collars on them. I’ve had to adjust them a couple of times since the kittens insist on growing. 🙂