11-17-15 Tuesday

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I had rotator cuff surgery on November 4th, and have pre-written and scheduled entries that will auto-post while I’m recovering.


Back in late 2007, we had adopted Stinkerbelle – who was still a kitten – and were fostering five sisters. Stinkerbelle spent a lot of time in my room, and so did the other kittens. This series of pictures features Stinkerbelle and Punki (with Spanky snoozing in the background).

Stinkerbelle Seethes.

“I… what… Did she really just climb into the cat bed with me? Is she KIDDING ME? I HATE her!”

“I’m not touching you.”

::seething with hatred::
“Stillllllll not touching you!”

“Okay, I’m just going to turn around so that I don’t have to look at her stupid, pushy, wanting-to-touch-me face.”

::seething:: “Did you just TOUCH me?”
“Who, me?”

“That’s not an answer. Did you TOUCH me?”
“Do you think I touched you?”
“Why do you ask?”

::seething:: “Please god, help me not to kill her. I know what they do to pretty blue-eyed silky-furred girls like me in kitty jail. People would be touching me all the live long day and I’d lose my mind.”
(Punki) ::mock seething:: “Not touching you!”


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11-17-15 Tuesday — 15 Comments

  1. …. I have no words.

    I almost died seeing Stinkerbelle with *gasp* other cats nearby. Nevermind ‘nearby’… in the same freakin’ bed as her!! Then I nearly died because of how funny this exchange was (love Punki).

    I have to say I kind of sympathize with Stinkerbelle. I’m like that at work. I have personal space issues and my boss is a hoverer/close talker, which drives me insane to the point where I have to tell him to GO AWAY.

    It would be nice if Stinkerbelle could find another permie to warm up to but I guess that’s pretty unlikely. Girl is set in her ways!

  2. That sequence is priceless!! Thank you for lining up posts for us to read while you recover, love that.

  3. Even if this post weren’t hilarious,Stinkerbelle’s amazing markings would make it habit forming. Thanks, Robyn!

  4. This is one of my favorite posts now !!!!! I burst out laughing !!!!Good thing no one is home right now 🙂 Poor Stinkerbelle would be not have a good time in kitty jail !!!

  5. Love the “convo” between Stinkerbelle and Punki. It’s just TOO MUCH! Hope you are recovering nicely, but if you need a few more weeks then Stinkerbelle can take your place a bit. Norbie (I think it was) was always good at commentary too.

  6. I’m scarred to the point that I’m alarmed when you start off with someone’s origin story. Thankfully this was a fun one. Stinkerbelle seething is a scary sight.

    I hope she’s up for some snuggling and socializing now.

    • I know right, I’m the same way. And always so relieved when it turns out to be something like this.

      Great post, love these back and forths.

    • Oops! Sorry about that. 🙂 She’s still not up for socializing at all, but she did let Fred pet her TWICE the other day (once is usually her limit), so that kinda seems like progress. 🙂

  7. English is not my first language and today I have discovered that “seeth” is not just a proper name of a Darth master 🙂 Things I learn here… priceles! Thank you, Robyn! 🙂

  8. Oh my, this is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in quite some time!!! Thanks for the laughs!!

  9. Whoa! I had to search for Punki. I didn’t recognize the name. I usually go back and re-read the links to years past. Looks like there’s several batches of fosters between Kara and Maryanne that don’t show up on the All Fosters Past and Present page! The Ka-Tet, Five Sisters, KATG, KATG2, The Bluths, HG & Smudgebunny. It feels like I have stumbled into s secret cave.

    • Yeah, there’s about a year’s worth of fosters that I haven’t posted here yet. It’s one of the things on my To-Do list. Maybe now that I’m feeling better, I’ll get that done! (Or… maybe I’ll take a nap. 😉 )