11-18-15 Wednesday

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I had rotator cuff surgery on November 4th, and have pre-written and scheduled entries that will auto-post while I’m recovering.


How about I show you the pictures I use as wallpaper on my desktop? I love all of these pictures SO much!

Dennis and his Ears of Annoyance, up close.

Pepsi! (She was not a foster – I took that picture at Petsmart one morning when I covered for the cleaner, and I just adore it.)

Rickles wants HUGS.

Rickles again!

Tricki. Such a gorgeous girl!


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11-18-15 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. Robyn-even though I miss your “regular” posts, I am not sad. Your substitute posts are great too! Plus, today I went to the Favorite Posts page and refound some of the all-time BEST posts. The one of April 2012 with Emmy and her babies is right after I joined your following. It makes me smile to remember that litter.

  2. What is it about Black Cats? They are so beautiful! I would have to have an intervention if I lived where you do… they would overrun my home.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. I’m in LOOOOOVE with Pepsi! I love that little face and the cheeks and those eyes… I wish I was able to adopt her but given that I live in a whole other country, I don’t think it’s feasible. Wonderful pic, Robyn!

  4. Hoping the mending is still going swimmingly — and thanks for taking the time and care to on all these posts. You’re a brick! (Hope young Dennis is pussyfooting around your shoulder like the excellent boy he is.)