11-19-15 Thursday

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I had rotator cuff surgery on November 4th, and have pre-written and scheduled entries that will auto-post while I’m recovering.


Cletus van Damme was adopted Tuesday night! Probably not everyone remembers him – he showed up here at the end of August. He was instantly friendly, which is rare because they usually require a few weeks (even months) of wooing before they decide we’re okay. We asked around, and none of the neighbors knew who he was, so he went off to the vet for testing and neutering. He waited out the time for his last round of shots at the shelter (since we were inundated with bottle babies at the time), and then went off to Petsmart.

It took a while, but finally his people came along! Yay, Cletus!


Today, I’m sharing a VERY few pictures from around Crooked Acres. I meant to go out and take pictures of George and the chickens and ducks, but it decided to rain for 40 days and 40 nights, and who wants to go out and slog around in the mud? Not me! I promise that I’ll get decent pictures when I’m recovered enough to do so. I know you love seeing George’s sweet face!

This possum got into the back yard, and then when he wanted out, he climbed to the top of this fence post, and was stuck. Fred spotted him, and went out and took down the fencing, but the possum just froze there. Fred kept going out and getting far too close to the possum, and even touched his tail once or twice. The possum was there when I went to bed at 10, but at some point overnight he figured out how to get down.

(I feel comfortable in sharing with y’all the tale of Fred touching the possum’s tail, because we all know he’s a grown adult and you won’t lecture me about “letting” him do that, and won’t tell me that I should have stopped him. Because he’s a grown man, and I’m not his mother; which is a moot point, because his mother also knows that he’s a grown man. I mean, I did pipe up with the “Don’t do that!”, but what am I gonna do, tackle him? This reminds me that I need to post about the time Fred was bitten by a squirrel. Plan to see that next week sometime.)

One of the few pictures I took of the garden this summer. It looked great, and then it didn’t. I slacked terribly on the gardening this year.

Nevermind that there’s actually a feeder hanging from the tree especially for the squirrels. You do you, Mama Squirrel.

Squirrels must have the most awesome abs in all the animal kingdom.

Hydrangea. Pretty!

There are no spider or bug pictures; I really spent very little time outside this summer. And to my disappointment, we did NOT have a Dolores this year. Bummer!


Archie, rolling around in the garden. Rough life, Arch.

He knows it.

Silly boy.


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11-19-15 Thursday — 23 Comments

  1. I have a soft spot for possums – it’s not like I want one for a pet, but I like watching them. At my old house, I used to see a little family of them walking along the top of my fence. I’m happy that Fred tried to help this little guy. Go, Fred!

  2. hahaha… I am with Fred… must touch ALL THE THINGS! not everything is going to kill you in life, live a little!!

    I knew that was Archie in the garden based strictly on those wonderful toes of his that I love so much. That boy is such a jerky sweetheart.

    I adore squirrels. They are such characters, and when people ask me why I oooo & ahhhh over spazzy little tree rats, I just tell them I find their determination impressive. They don’t seem all that intelligent because of their ADHD but they manage to survive just fine & always find a way to overcome whatever obstacles are in their way. Plus, they’re super fit & I’m a little jealous at how much cardio they do. That’s the thing I hate the most at the gym.

  3. I wonder if I am the only one a little bit sad about no Delores this year. I wonder if she went on to greener pastures or what. I wouldn’t say I am a spider lover but she reminded me of Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web and I really like that book.

  4. We were all pretty confident that Cletus was a dump. Such an elegant but friendly guy. So glad he has a forever home now.

    With your shoulder its no wonder you had trouble with the garden. There’s always next year!

    My mom finally listened to me and put the pepper tinged birdseed in the feeder. The squirrels have left it alone since then.

    Yeah, Fred needs to ease up on the touching. I hope that he didn’t get blood poisoning from the squirrel.

  5. I see a flying karate movie…but with an all-squirrel cast.

    And I would *love* to touch the giant raccoon that seems to be living in our garage.

  6. When my kid worked at Wildlife Care (when he was 8-10 years old) he was taught to carry possums by the tail. Whenever we’ve had to trap one, he pulls it out by the tail while I pry the teeny tiny fingers off the wire. There was a huge, old keeper possum at Wildlife Care that he carried like a cat, though, slung over his shoulder. I wouldn’t do either of those things, but he did it all the time. He also rescued owls and hawks. Because he was young and nimble, the old ladies sent him up into the trees to get the birds. They were very wise old ladies, no one ever got hurt, though he came close to being in a car crash when I was driving him home from the shelter one day and he pulled a baby snake out of his pocket.