11-14-17 Tuesday

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Way back in early 2015, we had this sweet girl, who came to us hugely (or so we thought) pregnant. I’m sure if you were reading back then, you remember this girl.

That was the girl we named Lucille Ball (Lucy), who came to us on March 19th. She seemed HUGE to us, and I was sure she’d have her kittens nearly immediately, but we all know how THAT goes, right? She just kept getting bigger, and finally on April 1st she gave birth to 7 healthy kittens.

Lucy and her kittens: Belushi, Carlin, Gilda, Shelton, Shecky, Roseanne, and Louis. (I wanted to see if I could do it by memory, and I did!)

I love how all you can see of her is her head and her stripey leg. Also, that little brown tabby kitten butt with the half-tail belongs to Carlin, who came to us when he was about 5 weeks old. He’d been orphaned and needed some love and mothering, and despite a hissy beginning, Lucy took him on. (Roseanne’s judgmental little face in the lower left of the picture is cracking me up, too.)

Nothing to be seen of Lucy but her big ol’ feet.

“We ain’t skeered o’ no vacuum cleaner!”

So Lucy and her kittens headed off to Petsmart (well, except for Carlin and Skelton, who are now George and Red, and who you can see on Instagram alongside their big brother True Blood Bill with an occasional glimpse of their big sister Izzy), and the kittens were all adopted, and then so was Lucy!

She is now Gilly, and Pam shared some pictures on Facebook yesterday.

Pam said: Daily life with our sweet Gilly. (Formerly Mama Lucy) She’s always there to “help” us with everything we do: napping, cleaning gutters, getting ready for a picnic or just hanging out. Maybe this will help your empty nest syndrome a little bit!

It’s terrible to see her SO stressed, isn’t it? Thanks for the update, Pam!


Joseph Robert, it’s cold out there. Come back inside to your heated bed!

Unless it’s actively snowing, hailing, or raining very hard, Joe Bob prefers to be outside. He’s like Kara in that respect.


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11-14-17 Tuesday — 12 Comments

  1. Aw, hi Gilly! So nice to see your sweet, loving face, and I’m so glad you have a happy home now!

    I just love me some Joe Bob! *kiss kiss kiss* How much does he weigh? He looks like a big boy (no, you’re not fat, Joe Bob, I’m just saying you look large “framed”).

  2. Oooo, and the previous post for 2005 is the epic “Downfall of Senator Stanley J. Boogerton”!!! Such a great story, lol!

    • I love that story too! One of Robyn’s absolutely best, and all Robyn’s stories are top quality!

  3. Maybe now between fosters you could bring us “newbies” up on the histories of the permanent residents. I didn’t start following Love and Hisses until around 2016 so I’ve seen pictures of all (?) the PR’s but would like to know their stories.

  4. I love the 2013 loonicorn post. Do you still have that thing? I’d live to see it on Stephan! Or on any of your cats for that matter!

  5. Awww!!!! Hi Lucy/Gilly! Much love and kisses from Red & Georgie! Glad to see you having a super chill time with your lovely family! 🙂

    And…. today is True Blood Bill’s Gotcha Anniversary!!! 8 years ago today! We tried for Terry but silly boy just wasn’t having it and sweet Bill plopped right in my lap and said let’s go!!!

    Ann and the crazee lot of Bill, Georgie, Red, and the elusive grouchy Izzy!