11-15-18 Thursday

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Do not be fooled by the sun coming through the window; these pictures were taken in Olden Times when sunshine existed. We have not seen the sun for 7,000 years, and perhaps we shall never see it again. (They were taken last weekend.)

Except for the slightest part of his right front paw, Tank is completely off the ground. The boy’s got skills!

“Are you impressed, Pretty Tuxie?”
“Not really.”

I couldn’t find Cam and then there she was.

Cam chasing her tail. Or waltzing!

“Hallo, weird lady.” (Cam on the floor, Gauge on the side of the tub.)

Dancing again (this time because she’d found a scrap of toilet paper on the floor and was playing with it. The kittens discovered the roll of toilet paper and were thrilled to destroy it for me.)

Tank is declaring it Wrassle Time. That boy doesn’t hesitate to leap onto the big kittens.

Cam had places to be.

That’s okay with Tank; he’ll just wrassle with LoJack, who’s all “Noooo!”


More wrassling. (I love how Gauge’s reflection on the shower door makes it look like he’s IN the shower.)

When Aunt Alice Met Some Kittens.

Aunt Alice: not a fan.

Kittens: Very rude.

“Kid, you are very RUDE.”


Aunt Alice does not care for kittens, thank you very much. (She was willing to sit there and hiss at them all day long, I think, but Fred finally picked her up and took her into his office, where she was happier.)


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Newt on the doll bed. There’s a heated bed under him, and he is one HAPPY boy.


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11-15-18 Thursday — 13 Comments

  1. ***
    One hiss makes you floof up
    And one hiss makes you crawl
    And the hiss Aunt Alice gives you
    Makes you shrink down small
    Don’t sniff Alice, unless you wanna brawl

  2. Newt looks so comfy and cozy on his heated bed, I bet he was purring away when you took that picture.

    Lol, Aunt Alice. I hope the babies haven’t learned their lesson about disturbing Auntie’s beauty sleep because that series of pictures? Awesome!!!

    Edited to add: How do you manage to make your bed every morning with so many kittens and Permanent Residents running about and most likely lounging on your bed? I have 1 cat, and it’s a crap shoot as to whether or not my bed gets made because of Mr. Malcolm musn’t be disturbed.

  3. There’s rumors we may see a slight glimpse of sun this afternoon, but I don’t have much hope. SO tired of the endless rain/gray skies, and I’m sure the kittens miss getting sun-drunk too. What a bunch of rambunctious beebees those are! And ALL are so pretty, healthy. Never can pick a favorite, though I have a soft spot for Mz Dynamo, even if her worried frown seems to have relaxed a bit.

  4. Tank and Cam look like they’re break dancing!

    A question: how is Ryder doing? Has she gained some weight?