11-23-16 Wednesday

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Nap time with kittens.

All six in one picture! Usually all six of them are piled up on me. Abby decided to be difficult this time.

Charleston (left) and Raleigh. Brudderly love.

So snuggly.

It’s kind of hard to tell where one ends and the other begins, but this is all six of them. Raleigh and Charleston are almost always up by my face.

Chesnee and Abby.

“I am not hiding over here because a noise startled me. I’m doing a pillow inspection.” (Charleston)

Raleigh, feelin’ smug.

Chesnee and Charleston get their Kravitz on.

“I don’t always bite the weird lady through the blanket, but when I do I make it HURT.” Thanks, Abs. I appreciate that.

Sweet little Chesnee. Oh, I could just squeeze the marshmallow fluff right out of her.

That bed seems to be swallowing Abby… and she’s sleeping right through it.


I wish I could get Dennis to join in on nap time with the kittens, but he’s not having it. I think when there are that many of them, it’s a little daunting to him!


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11-23-16 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. My son was working an afternoon shift one day. I hadn’t seen him getting ready for work, and it was getting late, so I peeked into his bedroom. He was asleep on top of his bed with two cats laying on him, smiling at me. When I woke him up he said, “You can’t stay awake when cats are sleeping on you, they hypnotize you with their purring.”

  2. Hi Robyn, will you tell Challenger House that none of their Facebook posts about giving Tuesday seem to link to the actual online donation page? I’m not on facebook so I can’t comment on their page. Have a happy Turkey day.